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Domino’s rolls out full Facebook Messenger ordering bot

Domino’s is rolling out a fully-functional mobile ordering chatbot on Facebook Messenger after strong reception to a more limited version that was released late last year.

This new chatbot offers customers the option of ordering from the full Domino’s menu all through Messenger. The move shows Domino’s commitment to mobile ordering as the company expands its ordering capabilities to a wide variety of different channels.

“Prior to today, customers with a Pizza Profile were limited to placing their most recent order or Easy Order via Messenger,” said Dennis Maloney, senior vice president and chief digital officer at Domino’s. “Now anyone, especially those watching the big football game, can place any order for any menu item they want – no Pizza Profile needed – thanks to Dom, our enhanced ordering assistant bot.”

Mobile ordering
Since the inception of the modern smartphone, retailers have been aware of the huge opportunities the technology presents for commercial transactions.

Any retailer today will tell you that if you are not on mobile, you are missing out.

That is why mobile commerce has taken off in such a huge way in the past few years.

But as app stores became overflowing with apps, consumers have shied away from downloading them. With limited storage space on their phones, it has become unrealistic to download a different app for every single brand or retailer that you interact with.

To combat this, retailers have been turning to chatbots, automated services that can do many of the same functions that an app could but do them through a messaging platform such as Facebook Messenger.

These chatbots have been popular, especially with younger consuemrs who are more comfortable with messaging platforms.

Domino’s is aware of this, and has tested a Facebook Messenger ordering bot for a few months.

But while previously Domino’s users could only order one pre-saved order from their accounts through the bot, the new version offers them the full Domino’s menu for their perusal.

Pizza chatbot
The new, comprehensive Messenger chatbot represents Domino’s full commitment to mobile ordering in a way that is consistent with the brand’s activities over the last few years as it has continued to diversify the ways in which customers can order pizza.

In addition to the Facebook Messenger bot, Domino’s customers can also order through voice services such as Google Home (see story) and Amazon Echo (see story).

The pizza chain has even expanded its offerings to include the Apple Watch as a possible vehicle for commerce (see story).

The lesson here is that for retailers and brands that focus heavily on ordering and delivery, mobile can be a key tool in giving customers as many options as possible for ordering the products.

Domino’s has shown the dynamic range of possibilities when it comes to mobile ordering, turning nearly any device or platform with an Internet connection into a commercial channel.

“Football teams strive to get better and maintain their winning edge, and Domino’s is no different,” Mr. Maloney said. “Launching Messenger ordering with Pizza Profiles was a great first step, but Dom’s ordering capabilities are continuing to advance as Domino’s AnyWare technology evolves.

“We think of ourselves as a brand in progress and wanted to create an even bigger and better ordering experience for customers,” he said.