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Domino’s expands Apple Watch app capability to ordering

Domino’s is furthering its image as a driver in mobile ordering with the addition of the Apple Watch to the bevy of channels where customers can pay for and order products.

The pizza chain is working on continuously providing new and exciting retail methods and has taken significant time to streamline ordering through the Apple Watch. Customers can now order delivery and pickup through its app on the wearable device, in addition to previous capabilities limited to tracking orders.

“Marketers have always worked to identify strategies and technologies that offer the most seamless experience possible for their customers,” said Mary Beth Keelty, chief marketing officer at PM Digital. “Consumers crave speed, convenience, simplicity and an overall streamlined process for almost anything, whether that be ordering a car, this evening’s outfit or a pizza.”

Apple Watch ordering
A new feature on Domino’s Apple Watch app is now allowing users with a Pizza Profile to order their favorite items with a few clicks on the smart watch. Domino’s Easy Order program enables users to reorder previous orders and now supports Apple Watch capability.

Last July, Domino’s originally launched the Apple Watch app and brought its digital Tracker to iOS customers that enables users to track orders from the oven to the front door from their wrists (see more).

The latest update expands the app with the ability to order as well. It is likely the retailer took a series of steps to ensure the best possible ordering service, which led to the ordering capability coming so long after original launch.

“Domino’s has been investigating other innovative on-demand ordering tactics, such as ordering a pizza by texting the emoji pizza slice, as well as through the Amazon Echo,” Ms. Keelty said. “With an already aggressive on-demand strategy, it is likely that Domino’s wanted to take the necessary time to test the Apple Watch feature and how consumers are behaving to be able to optimize as needed.

“It is absolutely critical to understand the consumer journey when introducing new offerings,” she said.

Pizza profile
The retailer has been known for its innovative mobile ordering capabilities through the Easy Order strategy in which users fill out information in a Pizza Profile and can easily reorder their favorite items.

The retailer also recently furthered the innovation streak by integrating with Amazon Echo prior to the Super Bowl, drumming up sales during one of food takeout’s biggest days of the year (see more).

“The heightened expectations lead brands to pursue methods that make them accessible in exactly the moment the consumer wants to interact or make a purchase,” Ms. Keelty said. “The wide scale move to real-time mobile engagement is indicative of this need, and is now being followed by a similar trend with wearable, connected devices.

“By offering orders via the Apple Watch, Domino’s caters to the tech-centric, always on customer, but also the customer who wants the simplicity of clicking a simple button to get what they need when they need it. In-the-moment accessibility and relevancy is critical for brands, particularly for those in very competitive markets.”