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Domino’s brings mobile ordering to Google Home

Customers can now order Domino’s pizza from their homes through Google Home. With this integration, customers can quickly and easily order pizza without lifting a finger.

“We’re proud to once again be the first in our industry, even among the first in e-commerce, to offer ordering via the Google Assistant,” said Dennis Maloney, Domino’s senior vice president and chief digital officer. “We’ve had a busy year launching platforms that have kept us in the forefront of digital ordering and customer convenience.”

Google Home
While many brands are content to offer a few different options for ordering – online, through mobile or, if they are really hip, through a chatbot – but few brands have proliferated their options for remote ordering quite like Domino’s.

The pizza brand has a wide variety of options for customers to order from them. In addition to the standard online and mobile apps, Domino’s makes use of chatbots, social media and many others to offer every conceivable option for customers to order pizza.

The next step in the brand’s goal of bringing its ordering platform to as many channels as possible comes courtesy of Google’s home networking option Google Home.

Through Google Home, consumers can speak to their Google device – similar to how they interact with Amazon’s Echo or Alexa – and issue commands. Google’s AnyWare platform provides them with a list a of brands that purchases can be made from.

Domino’s is the fifth brand to be a part of the AnyWare platform.

Consumers simply say “Ok, Google, talk to Domino’s” to begin the ordering process. Once the process has started, consumers can make use of many of the standard features of regular Domino’s ordering, including saving favorites and creating a profile.

Mobile ordering
Ordering from home service devices is not without precedent – especially from a brand as diligent about bringing its mobile ordering platform to as many places as possible.

Domino’s already introduced the capability to order pizza through Amazon Echo and Alexa earlier this year (see story). Now it is bringing that same capability to the competition in the form of Google Home.

The brand has also brought its ordering capabilities to other unique platforms such as the Apple Watch (see story). This partnership was one of the brand’ earlier attempts to venture outside standard ordering platforms.

Domino’s aggressive expansion of its ordering capabilities does not seem to be slowing down. With yet another platform under its belt, time will tell if other brands follow a similar pattern.

“This is yet another way we are making it easier for our customers to order Domino’s pizza from anywhere they turn,” Mr. Maloney said.