The direct-to-consumer landscape in retail

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Direct to consumer is more than just a retail buzzword. In recent years, a slew of digitally native brands cropped up in just about every sector in retail and disrupted traditional models.

Some of the more seasoned DTC brands are now expanding their category reach on the backs of continued venture capital investment, and building out stand-alone store fleets of their own. But traditional retailers have also increasingly gotten in on the DTC movement, whether as wholesale partners for popular brands of the day, or as more DTC-focused companies themselves. Adidas, for example, announced its intention to have 50% of its sales come from DTC channels by 2025.

There have been some high profile challenges too, not least of which is the impact the COVID-19 crisis had on consumer spending, shopping habits and economic realities. For many brands that operate mostly online, though, the increase in digital shopping was actually a boon. Flaws in the DTC model have begun to show, as companies grapple with not only profitability concerns, but also retaining authentic brand messaging and attempting to stand out in a world where everyone knows how to market on Instagram.

All of which is to say: There's a lot happening in the direct-to-consumer space right now, and it's not going away anytime soon. This report covers several different aspects of the trend, including:

  • Trends and brands to watch in the DTC space
  • What companies like Nordstrom and Target have to gain by bringing DTCs into stores
  • How brands like Nike are shifting more of their focus to DTC sales
  • What problems are challenging former DTC darlings
  • The relationship between brick and mortar and direct to consumer

These aren't the only things we're watching, but they are some of the main themes we've picked up on as retailers adapt to a new era. 

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Latest trends in direct to consumer

The direct to consumer space has seen major growth in recent years, with giants like Amazon and Target paving the way and DTC darlings like Casper and Dollar Shave Club proving the model. Now the pandemic has completely upended the DTC and e-commerce reality, posing several challenges for its players ahead.

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