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StubHub, Spotify partnership aims for more personalized mobile experience

Digital ticket marketplace StubHub updated its music application with the option to sync with streaming music service Spotify to better serve its users.

StubHub Music connects fans to events happening in their area. The partnership with Spotify allows the app to provide users with suggestions by accessing information from their accounts.

“With all of our partnerships, we aim to work with companies that will help us deliver a better experience to fans and all of our users,” said Ray Elias, chief marketing officer of StubHub, San Francisco. “The partnership with Spotify helps us make the StubHub Music experience much more personalized, useful and fun for users.”

Spotify lets music fans stream playlists, albums, songs and radio stations curated for their specific taste. By accessing this information StubHub is able to provide information based on the user’s interests.

Limitless experience
StubHub originally only used music fans’ iTunes history. With the addition of Spotify, this update will offer a more comprehensive personalized experience.

Once logged onto the StubHub Music app, fans can choose to enter their account information for Spotify and iTunes. Then pressing scan, the app searches through user history to find artists that have been added to playlists, listened to or saved.

All of these artists are then automatically saved on StubHub Music and a personalized experience is created.

Spotify provides users with the ability to stream any song in its inventory on-demand rather than most internet radio apps that only allow playlists it has curated.

The option of push notifications is also available to alert fans right away when new details are released about events and artist information. It will also remind customers of events already purchased.

Application extras
The app provides users with different artist suggestions based on their listening history.

Music news is another feature that has been added with the recent update. Users can find current news stories about their favorite artists as well as videos and interviews.

The ticket retailer will offer insider information and extras through the app. Users can see exclusive videos and interviews, as well as curated itineraries for the event.

Personalized apps are highly beneficial to brands as well as consumers. Across industry, retailers such as Sephora lead the way, constantly trying to make the user experience more individualized for each customer (see more).

Going forward, StubHub plans to incorporate other apps as well as further create the complete personalized experience.

“By helping music fans more easily discover music and concerts, with a better understanding of their music tastes, our goal is to make the entire live event and discovery service even more seamless for users,” Mr. Elias said.

Final Take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer, New York