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PetSmart delivers on Google Express endeavor, expanding to wider market

Pet supply retailer PetSmart is expanding delivery of its products through Google Express’ mobile application following a string of successes in larger markets, indicating the benefits of partnering with a mobile service that sells multiple brands.

Consumers may be wary of apps specifically related to one retailer or brand, and may look more for services that encompass multiple sectors to decrease clutter on devices. PetSmart is reaping the benefits of leveraging Google Express, and the duo is expanding into several new markets around Chicago in states such as Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.

“Mobile, on-demand services such as Same-Day and Overnight delivery options through Google Express are important to PetSmart because they allow us to give pet parents more options when and where they want to shop for their pet food and related pet-supply needs,” said Eran Cohen, executive vice president of customer experience at PetSmart, Inc. “They can shop online for in-store pick-up, or if they find they simply can not get to a store, they can order through the mobile app and receive on-demand store-to-door same-day or overnight delivery service, for certain regions and cities.

“This gives pet parents the comfort that PetSmart can deliver on their immediate needs to keep their beloved pets happy and healthy, even at a moment’s notice,” he said.

Google Express checkout
PetSmart will be reaching more than 25 million consumers with the Google Express expansion. Shoppers can now get numerous products from the retailer delivered to their homes through its app, as well as desktop.

The app accesses users’ locations, and they can search for PetSmart where a list of products available is displayed. Consumers are able to browse items and can purchase them through the app to be delivered same day or overnight.

The service originally rolled out to big test markets such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington D.C. and served more thousands of customers.

Google Express shoppers pay for a membership of $95 a year, or one-time customers can pay a delivery fee of $5 for orders $15 or more, and only $3 for totals under $15.

The service makes it much easier for consumers buying an excessive amount of pet food or products, many of which buy the same thing every time, meaning it can be a hassle to have to enter stores.

PetSmart was keen to partner with Google Express, as many consumers are conscious about storage space on devices and are more inclined to use a service that combines a multitude of retailers and sectors rather than an app for each brand. The retailer also has access to all the Google Express customers that may have not shopped with the brand before.

Mobile delivery
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“Our goal with Google Express is to offer consumers more shopping options, allowing them shop when and where they want or need to shop, online, mobile app, in-store, and to give them delivery options such as the convenience of on-demand store-to-door delivery,” Mr. Cohen said. “Sometimes you just need a pet necessity, like dog food, and the ease and convenience of mobile shopping and on-demand store-to-door delivery is pretty helpful.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily