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Intuit expands mobile reach with new initiatives

Intuit has expanded its TurboTax SnapTax mobile application to include taxpayers and dependents that are claiming earned income credit and unemployment. Intuit estimates that 88 percent of taxpayers with 1040EZ and 1040A forms can now use the TurboTax SnapTax app.

“Mobile has become one of the key platforms where TurboTax services are available,” said Jennifer Li, spokeswoman at Intuit, San Francisco.

“You can now prepare and file your taxes with SnapTax on your iPhone or Android and TurboTax for iPad in addition to filing online,” she said.

TurboTax claims to have helped more than 25 million consumers manage their taxes last year. The company offers both PC and mobile products.

App management
Previously, the SnapTax app was only available to consumers that were filing 1040EZ forms.

Now consumers claiming either earned income tax credit or unemployment have access to the app.

The app is available for iOS and Android users and lets consumers take a picture of their W-2 forms and answer questions to file their taxes.

Also new this year, once users have started filing their taxes out on their mobile devices, the information is transferred to TurboTax’s Web site. Users can then pick up where they left off with filing information.

TurboTax has rolled out SMS notifications for its online customers. Users can sign up to receive SMS alerts that are linked to their e-file status.

The company’s Web MyTurboTax product is optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

The SnapTax app is available for free download. Once users are ready to file their return, services cost $24.99.

TurboTax is also has plans to launch a new iPad app later this month.

Clients can also track the progress of federal refunds with TurboTax’s MyTaxRefund app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Virtual management
In 2011, TurboTax rolled out an iPad app to let users prepare and file state and federal tax returns (see story).

With smartphone and tablet penetration continuing to grow, companies are increasingly rolling out tools to help users manage their finances and tax information.

Personalization will play a key role for TurboTax’s mobile efforts in the future, per Ms. Li.

“As mobile becomes an increasingly integrated platform in which we interact with, mobile for TurboTax will continue to play a key role in delivering our services to TurboTax customer that’s personalized for their lifestyle whether they want to start their taxes on a smartphone and finish on their computer, or file on their iPad,” Ms. Li said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York