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EBay acquires mobile app Twice to attract more sellers

Peer-to-peer digital retailer eBay has recently acquired second-hand clothing application Twice to grow its eBay Valet service and mobile presence, gaining access to a new generation of sellers in an attempt to climb back up the retail ladder.

Following a recent separation with PayPal and a downfall in number of users in years past, eBay has acquired Twice to further develop its mobile practices and valet selling service, making the seller experience more convenient. As more consumers are seeking on-demand and concierge-like experiences, the space for digital auctions and complicated selling steps has decreased significantly, causing eBay to make serious changes.

“Long gone for many are concerns that clothes bought online or via mobile will not fit,” said Jeff Hasen, founder of Gotta Mobilize, Seattle. “EBay is a trusted source, giving it a clear advantage over an unknown hawking second-hand clothes.”

Digital fall behind
Originally an innovator in the digital retail space, eBay has fallen behind other digital leaders such as Amazon, which were quicker to evolve with mobile and consumer behavior.

EBay announced on July 20 it was acquiring the mobile app, Twice to be apart of its new venture, eBay Valet. Mobile and various technology have brought faster, easier experience for users and they are now seeking services that do so.

Selling and buying on eBay is now overly clunky and time consuming. Shoppers do not want to sit around waiting to purchase an discounted item, while there are innumerable mobile apps that reduce the need to search or wait and immediately serve the user with discounted products.

The selling experience on eBay has become cumbersome to the new consumer behavior as well. With eBay Valet, the service will sell items for the user for 80 percent profit.

Acquiring the mobile technology allows eBay access to the tools it needs to reach these mobile savvy consumers and greater introduces the retailer to apparel sales. Mobile has greatly increased to the space for second-hand clothing shopping, and eBay should be able to keep up with established apps such as Tradesy and Poshmark with the buyout.

Reinventing retail
This is all apart of eBay’s reinvention, as the retailer has already been ramping up its mobile efforts to stay ahead.

For instance eBay Classifieds teamed up with search advertising network adMarketplace to augment the search experience for mobile and tablet users as the site experiences an influx of visitors from mobile platforms (see more).

Also, with the retailer’s spinoff of PayPal to be completed and a buyer found for its enterprise division, the company can turn its focus to trying to regain the role it once held as an mcommerce leader (see more).

“Like everything with mobile, the key is to personalize the experience either through stated preferences, past purchase history or both,” Mr. Hasen said. “The faster users can get to what they want, the better for all parties.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily