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Visa partners with Stubhub to get young consumers into mobile payments

Visa is furthering the coverage of its mobile payment platform by partnering with one of the biggest names in ticketing, Stubhub, through the platform’s mobile application.

The partnership will see Visa integrating its mobile payments system into Stubhub’s mobile platform in an effort to drive up ticketing sales and get more Visa users accustomed to mobile payments. The partnership will hopefully enrich both brands as they attempt to get more customers interested in mobile payments.

“StubHub has been a great partner, and we are thrilled even more consumers will be able to get their tickets on StubHub using Visa Checkout online or in app,” said Sam Shrauger, senior vice president, digital solutions, Visa. “As Visa Checkout approaches 20 million consumer enrollments, we look forward to our continued partnership and bringing consumers an easier way to pay on the StubHub mobile app.”

Mobile payments
With mobile payments on the rise and a large number of payment platforms coming into existence, mobile pay providers are coming up with different ways to incentivize customers to use their platform over another.

One way that Visa is doing this is by offering its consumers special promotions and deals as well as partnering with prominent commercial platforms to reach more customers.

Visa has announced that it is working with Stubhub to allow Visa users to make mobile payments through the Stubhub mobile app and purchase tickets that way.

In addition to just purchasing power, consumers that use Visa through the Stubhub app will be eligible for seat upgrades and special deals exclusive to Visa customers.

Finally, Visa is also testing out new payment sunglasses that will let customers make mobile payments through a pair of glasses, similar in spirit to Snapchat’s Spectacles that let consumers take Snaps through the glasses.

The partnership with Stubhub represents a significant gain fro Visa’s mobile payment platform.

Live performances are a popular pastime for young consumers and Visa is looking to cash in on Stubhub’s popularity as a ticket provider to get more customers interested in using mobile payments.

The incentive of providing exclusive deals and even potential seat upgrades is an enticing tactic for getting more consumers involved with the process.

Visa has been working to expand its mobile payments platform in a number of ways, from working with IBM to increase the amount of potential points of sale (see story) to partnering with Honda to explore the possibilities of in-car mobile payments (see story).

“We’re always looking for unique and new ways to give our fans the best possible experience – whether that’s putting them in the center of the action, or giving them an easier way to pay, like Visa Checkout,” said Glenn Lehrman, Global Head of Communications at StubHub. “This is just the beginning of how our two brands will continue cutting-edge collaboration and strive to make exclusive experiences more seamless.”