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Travelers mobilizes insurance ID cards, ramps up MyTravelers registrations

Travelers Insurance is attempting to onboard more customers for a digital portal that provides control over billing and policy documents with a new application and optimized Web site that also allow mobile access to ID cards.

As consumers are now not only comfortable with handling a multitude of important tasks on their mobile devices, they come to expect it. Travelers is hoping to maintain homeostasis with its modern customers by allowing them complete control over their insurance policies and is urging them to sign up for its cross-channel MyTravelers platform.

“Providing self serve functionality is win-win,” said Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile. “It heightens customer satisfaction and reduces service costs.

“Outside of entertainment, banks and retail brands, insurance is one of the hero verticals for mobile app development,” he said.

Traveling with mobile
Travelers customers are receiving prompts from insurance agents and the brand itself to sign up for its digital portal, MyTravelers, which allows users access to all their documents on all devices. The platform is designed for users to access within its updated app as well as its freshly designed Web site.

The interface allows for a more seamless experience in accessing these documents, by supporting multiple devices. Customers can access their billing and policies now in one place online, whether they are accessing MyTravelers through the app or mobilized Web site.

Now, customers can show their ID cards when needed with their mobile devices, a modern twist in a long-standing profession. Mobile users are accustomed to accessing a wide range of accounts, information and cards on devices when it comes to retail, but important documents such as Insurance is still new to mobile adoption.

Many consumers may have issues with misplacing insurance ID cards and now they will no longer have to worry. Customers can register for MyTravelers by filling out their information in the online portal and create an account with their email, which they will they be able to access on any device by logging in.

Mobile insurance
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“While there are a flurry of features, many applications fail to provide simple and intuitive functionality for the consumer,” Mr. Schwartz said. “From home safety checklists and info on data breaches apps are answering the various needs of their consumers.

“For MyTravelers it is table stakes to provide simple, targeted claim tools of their mobile customer,” he said.