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Simon Malls taps Ziploop to organize shopping on mobile

Simon Malls is featuring the Ziploop mobile shopping application in its malls across the United States to augment the holiday shopping process for consumers.

Ziploop, referred to as a mobile shopping organizer app, allows shoppers to easily organize their shopping activities across mobile devices. It stores all gift cards, coupons and certificates on tablets, smartphones or desktops.

“Technology is slowly moving consumers from paper to digital receipt management,” said Peter Jackson, CEO of Ziploop, Orinda, CA. “Retailers and brands would love to have a mobile app for their users but nobody wants “100” applications, and development/functionality is limited to provide this yourself.

“Ziploop gives both regional and national retailers access to state-of-the-art functions to deliver services like new products/services, close out, discounts, return deadlines and feedback.”

Paper-free shopping
Ziploop markets itself on a platform of paper-free shopping, which significantly reduces the possibility of lost receipts, forgotten cards or misplaced coupons among shoppers. The company claims that while brands such as PayPal and Apple are perfecting the art of the consumer transaction, Ziploop is complimenting those apps by serving as the organizer to make transactions easier for consumers.

Users can store all of their store rewards and receipts on the app, which also reminds them of coupons expiring soon. Coupons can be sorted through by location, store date and amount.

Simon Malls is planning to promote the app through its digital marketing channels and signage in designated national malls, including New York’s Smith Haven Mall, Houston Galleria and Atlanta’s Town Center at Cobb.

“Retailers can quickly locate receipts for exchanges or returns if the user loses the paper,” Mr. Jackson said. “It reduces costs for clerk research time, USPS for paper promotions and increases engagement as mail services (like Gmail) have parsed promotion into a rarely viewed inbox.”

The Ziploop app is free to download, and is available for iOS and Android.

Benefits marketers and consumers
The mobile shopping organizer benefits both marketers and consumers, a feature that Ziploop is trying to push in order to attain its goal of becoming mobile’s largest shopping utility.

Simon Malls and Ziploop will be promoting the app to major retailers, such as Macy’s, Nordstrom and Sephora, to provide the stores with streamlined ways of tracking how users respond to store rewards and offerings. The stores will also be better equipped to create effective mobile incentives for their targeted audiences.

Consumers can eliminate carrying extra cards and receipts during hectic shopping months simply by scanning receipts, reward cards and coupons with their phones and emailing the image to their Ziploop accounts to be stored. A bar code will be used in-store to scan for rewards or discounts.

Users can also filter their personal emails by receiving latest trend updates, new arrivals, sales and special offers directly on the Ziploop app. Favorite stores can be flagged, which makes it easier to search for offers or receipts for long-term purchases with the tap of a finger.

Each user is given a personal domain by Ziploop, which they can also email receipts to.

Ultimately, Ziploop is confident that its partnership with Simon Malls will yield benefits to everyone.

“We share a very similar target market,” Mr. Jackson said. “Our ability to give them data on their shoppers help them better serve their retailers, give incentives to users to come back and helps the process of servicing users with VIP programs like home delivery, pick up and parking.

“Simon Malls helps us reach critical masses which increases the benefits to all.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York