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ShopAdvisor buys Retailigence, merging mobile product discovery with in-store availability

In a reflection of how shoppers are using their smartphones to find in-stock merchandise, mobile shopping application ShopAdvisor has acquired Retailigence, which provides real-time product availability across 200,000 bricks-and-mortar stores.

ShopAdvisor will integrate Retailigence’s technology into its Intelligence Suite, adding 12 million location-specific products for more comprehensive consumer insight and shopper profiles, further customization of content and more effective location targeting. The goal of the deal is to provide users of the ShopAdvisor app with end-to-end mobile-enable shopping experience that can take them from product discovery to hyper-localized in-store purchases.

“Retailigence provides real-time availability on 12 million products across 200,000 retail locations,” said Bill McLaughlin, senior vice president of marketing at ShopAdvisor. “For example, the user will know exactly that a particular running shoe they’ve been looking for in precisely their size and preferred color is in one of several stores in their area.

“Further, when they are close to one of those stores or entering it they will be told that they can find it aisle five,” he said. “That kind convenience is key to making the shopping experience one that builds loyalty beyond that single purchase.”

Omnichannel shopping
The ShopAdvisor, Retailigence deal points to how shoppers are putting mobile at the center of their omnichannel shopping behavior, using their phones to research products before buying and consulting them while in a store.

The ShopAdvisor app tracks items users are interested in and lets them know when the price drops or something becomes available. It also partners with magazines and influencers to help users discover new trends, looks and ideas.

Retailigence is focused on facilitating a shopper’s path-to-purchase in bricks-and-mortar stores through the use of in-store product data and location services.

ShopAdvisor will combine Retailigence’s capabilities with its own ability to provide a personalized, data-driven content experience and access to online and local inventory products.

Mobile engagement
While mobile ad spending continues to grow, some marketers are looking beyond traditional ad formats for ways to align more closely with how mobile users want to be engaged.

ShopAdvisor’s goal is to offer marketers a platform that encompasses real-time product intelligence, content intelligence, shopper analytics and hyperlocal proximity awareness to intelligently engage shoppers via their smartphones and assist them during the process of discovering, evaluating, locating and purchase products.

Publishers such as Conde Nast, Time Inc. and Hearst already use ShopAdvisor to tailor their digital content for mobile shoppers. With the Retailigence deal, publishers, brands and retailers will have enhanced opportunities to reach the shoppers with the right product offers at the right time.

Other customers of the combined ShopAdvisor Retailigence offering include Levi’s, Guess, Kmart, PepsiCo, P&G and Walgreens.

“While people are in the store they are using their phones almost like a shopping concierge to make them aware of products they would like, products that people with similar tastes have purchased, and of course offer deals and discounts to further entice them to buy,” Mr. McLaughlin said.