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RetailMeNot exec says context, attribution and audience drive mobile success

During the “Why Mobile Deals Are Driving In-Store Dollars” session, the executive spoke about the key elements necessary for driving in-store results. The retailers given high marks for mobile  during the presentation include Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Target’s Cartwheel, Domino’s and Lowe’s.

“Retailers doing mobile right have a really clear point of view around what they’re offering their consumers on mobile,” said Michael Georgoff, vice president of new products at RetailMeNot, Austin, TX. “We’re living in a mobile first world, and mobile is all about apps.

“The winners in this retail space are channeling three themes on mobile, which are context, attribution and audience.”

The Mobile Shopping Summit was organized by Worldwide Business Research.

Well-rounded execution
Mobile is not an easy transition for brands and retailers to make, but statistics show a huge support for investing in such technology.

Recent studies show 84 percent of shoppers used digital media before their last store visit, and 22 percent of shoppers spent more than their non-digitally influenced cohorts.

A convenient opportunity for bricks-and-mortar establishments, brands and retailers have responded by implementing savings content on their apps, but Mr. Georgoff believes it takes more effort.

While responsive Web design is crucial, it is not the sole solution either.

Internal teams must be able to see attribution from mobile efforts. Mobile marketing teams should rely on quantifiable efforts to measure their success.

Mr. Georgoff named mobile-specific barcodes, location and device identification and email or other PII to deliver attribution.

Secondly, context is undeniable. Brands should have a clear idea of where their consumers are, if they are shopping in-store or on mobile and what products they are most interested in.

Lastly, if brands know their audience, they can make their best customers better, while driving acquisition, according to Mr. Georgoff.

Naming names
The successes of Walmart, Domino’s, Amazon and others mentioned previously are clear, as all have in some way alleviated pain in their customers’ path to purchase.

From Walmart’s Savings Catcher tool to Domino’s mobile ordering to Amazon’s one click transactions, all are mobile breakthroughs that have revolutionized the purchase process.

Lowe’s store map directs customers to the products they want much faster, and Walgreens eliminates the hassle of refilling a prescription.

Executing the bare minimum will not cause revolutionary results, Mr. Georgoff said.

“If you believe your path to success is a smooth, on-device purchase, a lot more needs to be done,” Mr. Georgoff said. “There are still a lot of retailers out there who have not even optimized their mobile Web site.

“We don’t have the luxury of being Amazon, but we can use their design philosophy to eliminate the friction in the purchase process. Take something that is a pain point in the real world and make it better with mobile; take the friction out of it.”

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York