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PetSmart continues partnership with MicroStrategy for mobile workplace solutions

PetSmart, which is currently undertaking deep investment into mobile, is deploying MicroStrategy 10 to better track KPIs and run merchant-side applications to assist employees looking to better manage data.

With about 55,000 associates, more than 1,500 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, and 204 in-store PetSmart PetsHotel dog and cat boarding facilities, PetSmart is turning to MicroStrategy’s mobile capabilities to empower its workforce and inform executives. The retailer has used MicroStrategy’s technology for nearly a decade and recently made the decision to upgrade to the firm’s latest offering, MicroStrategy 10.

“A mobile approach to data analytics and business intelligence strategy dramatically increases PetSmart’s efficiency and puts insights into the palm of their associates’ hands,” said Hugh Owen, senior vice president of product marketing at MicroStrategy. “A wide range of users access their internal BI apps every day — even multiple times a day — including senior leaders, field associates, distribution center and store managers and associates across all functions of the company such as finance, marketing, HR and Store Ops.

“PetSmart is streamlining reporting with insightful and actionable data through mobile apps and dashboards,” he said. “A great example is PetSmart’s DC Engage app, which was their first BI app launched with the MicroStrategy solution.

“The app gives great insight into the actual DC operations and activities on the floor and because it’s mobile, it lets the DC leader get out onto the floor to coach associates to make efficiency changes and speed the DC operation. This app is heavily relied upon by PetSmart’s DC leaders and it has also helping their DC designers design better facilities and has actually eliminated the DC leaders’ office, which they have found is no longer really needed because the app delivers all the data and insights he/she needs in the palm of their hand.”

PetSmart launched its first internal mobile app in 2010 and now has nearly 20 internal apps built on MicroStrategy that deliver key insights to senior leaders and associates across the company.

PetSmart’s first mobile analytics app was deployed to improve data accessibility among executives and distribution center leaders. Rather than stopping at a single app, PetSmart continued to expand its use of the MicroStrategy platform and now has almost a dozen iPhone apps and five iPad apps, allowing the company to democratize data beyond executives to district managers, regional vice presidents, and field and store leaders.

“As North America’s largest pet specialty retailer with more than 1,500 stores in their chain, PetSmart has a wide range of KPIs that they track closely — even some in real-time — including conversion, traffic, sales, margin and inventory turns,” Mr. Owen said. “Mobile apps that deliver detailed reporting on these KPIs help associates more effectively monitor and manage the business better from wherever they are — the floor of a retail store or DC, office, conference room, or traveling on business.”

Committed to mobile
PetSmart’s partnership with MicroStrategy to facilitate its internal app infrastructure coincides with a serious push by the company to invest in ecommerce. The latest iteration of PetSmart’s Web site directly addresses consumer concerns by providing a streamlined checkout experience and same-day delivery, along with mobile optimization (see story).

And a PetSmart executive at Mobile FirstLook 2017 described the company’s path from Luddite refusal to innovate to leading its competitors on the mobile platform, outlining its dedication to a holistic omnichannel presence in light of the pet sector’s demands (see story).

“In today’s competitive retail industry, employees need access to apps and dashboards that give them the information needed to make smarter, more informed decisions,” Mr. Owen said. “MicroStrategy will continue working closely with PetSmart to develop the analytics solutions necessary to maintain a competitive edge and make sense of complex retail data.