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PayPal’s One Touch sees significant use in a boost for platform

The payment service is aimed to make cross-channel purchasing, especially on mobile, a more streamlined experience, and its recent results show consumers and retailers are happy to adopt it. More than 50 percent of Internet Retailer 500 retailers have incorporated One Touch, making its goal to provide a convenient mobile checkout possible.

“One Touch is the biggest change to online shopping in more than a decade,” said Anuj Nayar, senior director of global initiatives at PayPal. “It is a faster, safer way for consumers to check out at merchant sites, whether in mobile apps, on mobile web or online, across platforms and payment types.

“Not only do consumers love the experience, but for merchant’s One Touch has driven an immediate increase in sales, average order values, customer adoption and loyalty,” he said.

Mobile payments
With the onslaught of mobile payment solutions being developed, PayPal may have an advantage as it serves a wide range of devices and retailers. For instance, Apple Pay is only available to iPhone users while all mobile devices owners can leverage One Touch.

About one million merchants are tapping into One Touch worldwide, which is half of Internet Retailer 500. PayPal sees millions of transactions through One Touch per month.

To leverage One Touch users across multiple channels only need to input their login information and password and the login will last for six months, providing a speedier checkout. Users choose to checkout through PayPal One Touch where it is indicated on mobile and online retailer sites that are partners.

One Touch is proving to decrease cart abandonment rates and increase conversion by making checkout on digital devices easier for consumers. The more cumbersome a payment process is, the more likely consumers are to drop out of their purchase, opening the door for a service such as One Touch to smooth out the experience.

Retailers and PayPal
Macy’s is one of the retailers that have boosted its mobile payments strategy by rolling out PayPal as a payment option in-store, online and on mobile, including the service’s new streamlined One Touch capabilities (see more).

Shoppers this holiday season continue to show preference for PayPal and mobile banking applications when choosing to use mobile payments in-store, according to a survey conducted in early December by Retale (see more).

“Overall, One Touch has led to an increase in conversion of PayPal on mobile and we believe ushers in a major upgrade in the way consumers and merchants will connect in the coming decade,” Mr. Nayar said.

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily