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Old Navy pushes coupons via Shazam mobile app

Shazam is working with Old Navy to let its users learn more about the retailer’s spring advertising campaign called Old Navy Records. Shazam users can tag Old Navy-branded pop music featured in the campaign and immediately unlock and shop the looks featured in those songs.

“We partnered with Old Navy to go after the cool audience and introduce them to their new fashion,” said Evan Krauss, executive vice president of advertising sales at Shazam, New York.

“It’s also about making their television commercials more interactive and offering special giveaways, the ability to shop on their mobile device and to get coupons and discounts,” he said.

Old Navy offers on-trend apparel and basics for adults and children. 

Shazam lets consumers experience and share music with others across mobile devices and the Internet.

How it works
When consumers enter any Old Navy location they can take out their mobile device and open the Shazam application.
Consumers can access exclusive Old Navy deals, styling tips, video and other music content from their handsets.

Whenever an Old Navy Records song or video is playing, Shazam users can tag it by holding their mobile device towards where the song is playing.

Once tagged, users can get access to key looks featured in the songs.

Users can open the app to get discounts from Old Navy

“Mobile is great because you can get people immediately diving into this experience,” Mr. Krauss said. “People are sitting with their phones, on their coffee table and mobile is just a better means to interact.”

Mobile promotion
Old Navy is promoting the campaign via television ads, YouTube, Facebook and in-store.

Shazam users can buy the looks featured in the commercial, download the song, check out the video and learn more about the featured Old Navy brands such as Audio Threadz.

Additionally, consumers can hear the Old Navy song once an hour and the song will unlock style tips, access to view the video, band profiles and the option to download the song.

“Old Navy is actually offering outfits to buy from the television commercial,” Mr. Krauss said. “It just creates bigger engagement.”