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Mobile Minutes: IPhone 7 rumors; WhatsApp encryption; China and mobile shopping; On-demand valet parking

Is this what the iPhone 7 could look like?
It was bound to happen: the first images claiming to show the iPhone 7’s design have hit the Web.
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WhatsApp encryption stifling another Justice Department investigation: report
It’s not just Apple. The U.S. Department of Justice is considering waging another court fight against WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, to crack encryption technology that makes it almost impossible for police investigators to access user communications with a warrant.
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China’s $500 billion mobile shopping mania
Imagine getting a soft drink from a vending machine using only your smartphone. Or scanning a QR code to buy goods from a newspaper ad. By harnessing these innovations — and more — China mobile shopping is barreling ahead of the United States.
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On-demand valet parking seemed like such a great idea. It wasn’t
Turns out it’s hard to make money parking cars. Two startups (Caarbon and Vatler) quickly imploded and three more (Luxe, Zirx and Valet Anwyhere) are shifting away from the on-demand model and selling their services to companies instead of consumers.
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