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Mobile Minutes: Google’s ride-sharing app; Publishers’ mobile challenges; Digital healthcare; Kid-centric smart homes

Publishers face moving target in mobile
Online ad-spending is shifting to mobile from desktop, and the sheer speed of that change makes it treacherous for publishers. Spending on mobile ads in the U.S. will surge 50% in 2015 versus a 5% decline on desktop, eMarketer estimates.
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The digital doctor is in: Next wave in healthcare
In today’s digitally focused world, there are some cases where a trip to the doctor can be easily replaced with the download of an app or the power of a text message.
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Fuhu’s kid-centric smart home is a helicopter parent’s dream
While important details like pricing and exact availability remain elusive, Fuhu today has planted a flag—or rather, a variety of sensors—in the smart home space. Specifically, it hopes to provide a complete connected home, one that provides data designed specifically for parental peace of mind.
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