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Mobile Minutes: Facebook Lite app; Smartwatches in Switzerland; Line app’s group conversations; Wearables for women

Watchmakers race Apple to introduce smartwatches in Switzerland
Swiss watch shops will be stocked with a whole new range of smartwatches in coming weeks as producers race Apple Inc. to get a lead in Switzerland, the home of brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe.
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New Line app enables group conversation for 200 people
From Japan’s Line Corp. comes Popcorn Buzz, a new Android app that enables up to 200 people to join the same conversation at once.
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Can women’s wearables do more than look pretty?
Whether you think women are niche or not, Slovenian-born Srsen is targeting them with a wearable health tracker called the Leaf, a type of smart jewellery that women can wear as a pendant or clip on their clothes.
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