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Today in mobile marketing: 

What do your mobile habits say about you?
Do you obsessively check your smartphone? More and more today, we walk into classrooms, restaurants, offices or any physical space full of people and even if Michael Jackson reanimated and walked into the room, no one would acknowledge the presence because everyone’s eyes are glued to their phones.
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Why mobile health tech will loom large in 2015
Mobile healthcare applications for the iPhone and Android – for tracking one’s fitness, prescriptions and doctors’ appointments – are expected to be the biggest medical technology trend in 2015, physicians and other experts told
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How companies will make you want a mobile wallet in 2015
One of the most fascinating business stories this Christmas season isn’t about how much people are spending or even what they’re buying — it’s about how they’re paying.
T-Mobile christmas special, starring John Legere
The wireless carrier, which has roiled the industry with aggressive pricing and contract-free plans, loves to taunt competitors. And the holidays don’t bring a pause. In a YouTube video Monday, chief John Legere dug in the knife just a little bit more.