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Mazda revs up sales through Instagram conversation and conversion

Mazda Motor Corporation is driving fast and furious sales with a mobile advertising campaign focused on interacting with consumers through a native integration with Instagram, which links to the automaker’s site.

The brand is connecting with fans and consumers through a sponsored ad campaign on Instagram, requesting users to interact by commenting with their favorite CX3 vehicle. The native post brings interested users to the Mazda Web site, connecting them with local dealers and special offers to maximize sales.

“Social is a noisy space and brands can be drowned out,” said Gary Schwartz, president and CEO of Impact Mobile. “Last year, Mazda blazed a promotional trail with its The Long Drive Home Instagram puzzle.

“Social innovation and incentive of the keys to a car for one lucky fan,” he said.

Conversation conversions
Enticing consumers to interact directly with a sponsored post brings brands such as Mazda to the forefront of users’ minds, as first-hand communication with them creates a lasting impression. Mazda’s Instagram post shares a picture of two of its vehicles, asking users “which #CX3 is your cup of tea,” hoping they will respond in the comments.

The post includes a native link labeled “learn more,” which brings users to a Mazda page featuring pictures, videos and extra content related to its vehicles. The page prompts users to locate nearby dealerships, as well as the option to search inventory and browse special offers.

The campaign allows Mazda to create a positive brand image with consumers, with a conversation from both parties. The seamless linking to its Web site is likely to boost sales for the automaker.

Mazda’s Instagram campaign is sponsored, which means the brand will be able to reach a much larger audience than just its followers. The post will appear in various consumers’ feeds, bringing the vehicles to the attention of a large amount of users who are potential future owners.

The automaker is no stranger to mobile marketing, and knows that is where its key demographic spends most of its time.

Instagram importance
Instagram is a substantial platform in connecting with younger demographics. For instance, Coca-Cola attempted to appeal to New Year’s Eve revelers by sponsoring an advertisement on Instagram that showcases a recipe for a non-alcoholic cocktail containing several of the company’s branded beverages (see more).

Also, women’s shoe designer Jack Rogers angled for more Instagram followers by aggregating its most-liked social media uploads on its mobile-optimized site, encouraging fans to browse the summery footwear and gear up for next year’s sandal season (see more).

“Social buzz and data is valuable but Mazda knows that to move sales it needs to generate click-through to it website and dealer community,” Mr. Schwartz said. “To drive ROI on social, Mazda needs to move from shared media to owned media that it can use to develop a relationship with the prospect and close the sale.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily