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Krispy Kreme bakes up mobile innovation with bar code made of glaze

The donut bakery chain is driving sales through the video coupon, which lives on YouTube, while also making a lasting impression on consumers through its unique call-to-action. The video features the glazing process of the donuts in which the streams of icing make up the digital bar code.

“The importance of the scan code mobile push for Krispy Kreme, is that you do not have to bring a coupon in for the offer, you only need to bring your mobile, using your device to show the video for the offer,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “This greatly reduces touch points required to redeem an offer like this, making it easier on the customer.”

Icing on the cake
On Dec. 12 customers can visit Krispy Kreme to redeem their mobile video coupon on the date dubbed as Day of the Dozens.

Mobile users must present the image or video of the glazing machine, creating the digital bar code. The store employee will be able to physically scan the bar code for the customer to receive a discount.

The donut retailer is sharing the video coupon on its social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter, and is encouraging discussion surrounding the campaign with the hashtag #DayoftheDozens.

The campaign is combining a series of insightful tactics to best drive sales. Krispy Kreme is highly aware that its manufacturing process is captivating to fans, and engages them while also inciting a craving for the donuts.

With many consumers having their devices already with them, a mobile coupon makes in-store redemption easy for most, as they will not have to go out of their way for a piece of paper to ensure their discount.

In-store visitors on Dec. 12 will also receive a second Glazed Dozen free with a purchase of one dozen.

On Dec. 7 Krispy Kreme sold donuts at a discounted price for $3.99 in North Carolina and South Carolina to celebrate the Carolina Panthers beating New Orleans in this Monday’s NFL game.

Krispy mobile deals
Krispy Kreme recently forayed into mobile loyalty for the first time by implementing a rewards program in its application, enabling customers to receive points for each visit as well as notifications when fresh donuts are available at nearby locations (see more).

The brand also hoped to boost in-store traffic with a new mobile site, called the ArrPhone, that offered virtual accessories for dressing up on International Talk Like a Pirate Day while driving interest in the Kreme Filled Pirate donut (see more).

“The easier it is for a customer to get the value for an offer, the more you will see redemption at the POS,” Ms. Troutman said. “Once a brands consumers realize that redemption for coupons are easy they will revisit that brand for future offers more often and open pushed content for offers more readily.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily