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HSN redefines shopping with digital redesign

The multichannel retailer is looking to elevate the customer experience by making the its platforms faster, more efficient and social. This has been in development for more than a year.

“We relaunched our entire digital footprint,” said Jill Braff, executive vice president of digital commerce at HSN. “The browser and app experience is really comprehensive across all screens.

“There is a consistent brand experience across all screens and it elevates the HSN brand to marry the transformation that we’ve been undergoing with the rest of the network.

“The digital redesign puts mobile shopping at the heart of the experience.”

Mobile enhancements
The HSN redesign integrates HSN’s social communities through all of the retailer’s platforms via social media curator Mass Relevance.

Through this, consumers can share their product finds, thoughts and reviews with their friends and influence shopping in real time.

According to Ms. Braff, shoppers can now participate with social content at every step of the purchase path, building engagement and driving a deeper connection with the HSN brand.

As part of the redesign, HSN’s platforms now feature a new look that is designed to enhance the online and mobile shopping experience and make it more seamless.

The site navigation is more intuitive and lets consumers find their favorite brands, personalities and other information more quickly.

Furthermore, HSN’s revamp is no longer limited to the structure of the page. Content will determine page structure instead.

For example, has incorporated caching and performance optimization into its database, core services, page structures and other components that doubles the speed of the site for visitors and makes it twice as efficient, per Ms. Braff.

“I think the great thing about mobile is it’s the most personal device – it’s so connected and it’s become an information hub for everyone,” Ms. Braff said. “HSN has always been about inspiration and entertainment and it’s a big reason for why people come to us.

“Mobile can be a vibrant part of our ecosystem,” she said.

Past efforts
HSN has been ramping up its mobile efforts over the past year.

Last year, the multichannel retailer partnered with Universal Pictures to create a shopping experience that promoted the upcoming “Snow White and the Huntsman” film and let consumers buy looks inspired from the movie across all devices (see story).

The company also partnered with House Beautiful magazine to let consumers shop exclusive looks (see story).

“We’re all about removing artificial barriers for consumers and making the shopping experience very seamless,” Ms. Braff said.
“Increasingly into time, you’ll see us become more personalized,” she said. “We’re building this experience that people crave.”