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Glamour makes September issue more interactive, social via mobile integration

The company partnered with SpyderLynk to power the initiative. Glamour has worked with the company before on similar campaigns.

“Action is what Glamour magazine is hoping to drive for their advertisers and that is what SnapTags are able to deliver,” said Nicole Skogg, CEO of SpyderLynk.

“With Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter SnapTags in their September issue, Glamour magazine is giving readers not only the opportunity but an incentive to connect socially with their advertisers,” she said.

“As marketers begin to think beyond the QR Code and the basic Web site visit, we believe that Glamour magazine is blazing a trail for creating more meaningful experiences for consumers and results for marketers.”

New take
Glamour’s September issue features several SpyderLynk SnapTags.

The initiative is similar to ones that it has done before. However, instead of solely featuring a Facebook SnapTag, there are now also Pinterest and Twitter SnapTags.

To participate, readers are encouraged to download the Friends & Fans app and hover it over the SnapTags.

CoverGirl, Zales, Colgate and Unilever are among the advertisers that implemented the mobile bar codes into their static ads.

The CoverGirl ad features a Pinterest SnapTag, which encourages users to be one of the first 500 to Pin its images using the Glamour Friends & Fans app to receive a BlastFlipStick.

Similarly, the Zales ad encourages readers to Pin for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree.

Unilever used a Facebook SnapTag that enticed consumers to snap it for a chance to win a sample of its Caress body washes.

Additionally, the company aimed to bolster Facebook “Likes.”

“In a move to leverage consumer and marketer interest in Pinterest, SpyderLynk has introduced Pinterest SnapTags,” Ms. Skogg said. “Consumers who snap or scan the Pinterest SnapTag  activate an engagement in which Pinning an image activates a Sweepstakes entry in a seamless mobile experience.

“The launch of the Pinterest SnapTag builds on SpyderLynk’s range of Social SnapTag products that also include Facebook and Twitter SnapTags,” she said.

Driving readership
A campaign such as this is a great way to bring static print ads to life and encourage readers to further interact with advertisers.

Last year, the magazine saw a total of 512,339 reader engagements for its Friends and Fans campaign that encouraged readers to “Like” a brand by scanning a social mobile bar code featured on advertisers’ static pages.

According to the results released by Glamour and SpyderLynk – whose technology was leveraged for the campaign – readers scored more than $85,000 in deals. Additionally, the publication claims that its advertisers have gained more than 50,000 new followers and useful insights for future advertising efforts (see story).

“Social SnapTags are different than QR Codes because they activate a social experience in which consumers can “Like” or follow a brand and get rewarded with exclusive content, sweepstakes entries, free samples or discounts,” Ms. Skogg said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York