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Fifth Third Bank responds to customer demand with Touch ID integration

Fifth Third Bank’s Touch ID integration comes in response to customer requests as the tech becomes more widely accepted thanks to how it makes users feel secure and brings added convenience.

Touch ID’s widespread consumer adoption is prompting retailers, banks and financial services alike to incorporate the tech into their own properties to continue providing experiences customers are happy with. Fifth Third Bank’s new launch is allowing users to simply use their thumb to log in and complete financial actions such as balance checking, money transfers, payment checkout and check deposit.

“We know that our customers have high expectations when using their mobile phones,” said Jason Kammer, senior channel manager for mobile banking at Fifth Third Bank. “They can use Touch ID with many of their favorite apps, from shopping to photo storage.

“We know it is important for both the convenience and security of our customers,” he said. “We spent a lot of time ensuring that our new Touch ID service would be secure.

“We decided to only offer it on iOS 9 and greater because this system has a much better structure when it comes to security and how the fingerprint is saved on the device.”

Fifth Third evolution
The bank is now providing its customers with a more seamless experience on mobile for iOS in which they need to hold their thumb on the iPhone home screen to complete various actions, eliminating the need for extra steps and streamlining the mobile customer experience.

Customers on iPhones with iOS 9 or later will be able to check their balances without having to log in. Users will also be able to transfer money between Fifth Third accounts and deposit checks through the fingerprint technology as well.

The integration comes after customer demand, as the Apple has made brought the technology into mainstream user experiences. IPhone users are now used to an experience in which they use their fingerprints instead of passwords to log in, as this becomes even more widely adopted from other mobile users retailers will need to adapt.

Touch ID technology not only provides a much faster and convenient experience, but it also creates a safer impression for users wary of banking on their smartphones. As security issues still remain a big concern for consumers, the more features that can ease fears, the better for retailers and banks.

Banks and Touch ID
American Express also relaunched its mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms to include new features such as streamlined Touch ID login, rewards information, nearby offers and on-the-go fraud alert verification (see more).

Similarly, Chase met consumer demands for streamlined security features while offering faster, more convenient banking service by enhancing its mobile application with Touch ID authentication for iPhones 5, 6 and 6 Plus (see more).

“When people sign up for Touch ID we want to educate them, to let them know that when they turn on Touch ID, anyone who has a fingerprint registered on your phone has access to your bank account,” Mr. Kammer said. “We also do a lot of things behind the scenes, things the customer would not know about.

“We monitor each action on the app, to look for behavior that is not typical,” he said. “Our Bank Protection team evaluates the actions and if one is unusual, they might monitor for a while, or push you security questions. “