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45pc of E*Trade’s daily users leverage Touch ID

NEW YORK – An E*Trade executive at the 2015 Mobile Marketing Association Forum New York revealed that 45 percent of the company’s daily users leverage its iOS 8 biometric security function, which enables users to sign into their account by pressing their finger against an identification button, proving that Touch ID is optimal for financial marketers.

During the “Keynote: Mobile Helps E*Trade Take Customer-Centricity to the Next Level” session, the executive discussed the growing state of mobile, highlighting how the brand aims to engage with consumers regardless of their location. Users have investment opportunities all around them, and now can fully see them to fruition thanks to the versatility of mobile.

“We embrace the mobile experience as a critical path to engage our users,” said Rich Muhlstock, senior vice president of branding and acquisition at E*TRADE Financial, New York. “To me, mobile is everything, or something like it.

“Mobile creates opportunities for us to engage with customers and help customers discover where opportunity is with investing.”

Mobile security
Mobile offers a slew of potential additive experiences for consumer, and also provides certain technologies that augment the security of services. In 2014, E*Trade saw a quarter of its uniquely monthly log-in visits happen via its mobile application, proving that apps are indeed relevant for loyal users.

“Always look to increase the value of what you’re offering,” Mr. Muhlstock said.

E*Trade also reaped significant benefits from the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this past fall. The brand now sees 45 percent of daily users actively leverage Touch ID, the iOS 8 biometric functionality that facilitates greater ease and access for the consumer.

Touch ID enables users’ investment and financial information to be available with the tap of a finger. Alongside its home screen widgets, E*Trade believes it provides for hassle-free, seamless experiences for investors and traders (see story).

The ability of marketers to capture implicit data and location has also helped brands leverage mobile to provide contextually relevant experiences to consumers. Each marketer must ensure that they are focusing sharply on these types of opportunities.

Potential with wearables
Mr. Muhlstock suggested that wearables will have a significant effect on mcommerce this year, although it will be a complicated environment for marketers to navigate.

“As a customer-first organization, we want to enable utility,” Mr. Muhlstock said. “Today, we’re seeing a shift where online brokers are meeting customers wherever they are.

“Mobile has become a very normal behavior that has become a first screen for many people now.”

Therefore, if wearables take off in the coming months, it will be easier for marketers to have quick access to consumers regardless of location.

If biometric capabilities are also built into smartwatches, the daily use for Touch ID and similar functions may skyrocket as consumers tap-and-go to access their financial information.

“With mobile becoming the center of everything now, it is more critical than ever for us to become a bridge,” Mr. Muhlstock said. “The phone is a bridge between our digital and physical lives.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York