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Crate and Barrel increases mobile giveaway entries via QR code integration

The company is running the mobile bar code on the back of its catalog. In addition to signing up for a chance to win the $500 gift card, consumers can also sign up for the company’s email news and stay on top of their products when they come out.

“The incorporation of a mobile bar code into campaigns means that consumers can experience the brand instantly in a more meaningful way by being connected – whenever and wherever they are – to richer content,” said Laura Marriott, British Columbia-based CEO of NeoMedia Technologies. 

“This interactive communication helps the consumer feel more attuned to their brand and the brand, more connected to the consumer,” she said.

“Mobile bar codes have been taking the place of 1-800 numbers and URLs in advertisements and are already helping to connect the consumer to higher value content on store shelves, on pack, and many other implementations.

Ms. Marriott is not affiliated with Crate and Barrel. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

Crate and Barrel did not respond to press inquiries.

Mobile giveaway
Consumers can scan the QR code with their mobile device.

One lucky winner will get a $500 shopping trip to any of Crate and Barrel’s locations, online or purchases made through the company’s catalogue.

The mobile sweepstakes is taking place beginning Aug. 1 to Sept. 30.

Using a QR code for the mobile sweepstakes and to build the company’s email database is smart.

Mobile bar codes are emerging and more companies are beginning to see a trend and taking advantage of it to further their mobile strategy.

“The analytics that are available to a brand as part of a mobile bar code management platform are absolutely invaluable in helping them to measure and define campaign success, helping them understand who is engaging with them and when,” Ms. Marriott said.

“This data also allows brands to tailor communications even further to the consumer based on analytics including time, date and location of any scan, as well as valuable user information including gender and age,” she said. “These attribute make bar codes a must for all marketers.

Sign me up
When consumers scan the QR code they are redirected to a mobile landing page where they can sign up to enter and receive email news, as well as participate in the giveaway.

Additionally, while there, consumers can shop the latest products, check out their favorite pieces and use the search functionality if they are looking for something specific.

Users can also visit the company’s other sites including CB2 and Land of Nod.

“We see barcodes emerging as a dominant mobile media element and we will continue to see brand owners of all sizes leverage barcodes in their campaigns,” Ms. Marriott said. “The market is only starting to develop and we are on the front end of the hockey stick.”

“We expect the continued explosive growth of smartphone users making mobile barcodes all the more accessible to consumers,” she said.

“This will be backed by an increased penetration of pre-loaded mobile bar code readers by handset manufacturers worldwide, making scanning capability more convenient and instantaneous as well as the continued proliferation of barcode scanners in the app stores.”