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Corner Bakery Cafe rolls out responsive site to streamline ordering

Corner Bakery Cafe is providing a seamless and interactive ordering site across desktop, tablet and mobile to create a more personalized experience for consumers.

Corner Bakery Cafe worked with digital agency Rockfish to create the new responsive site, The site provides an integrated user experience with easily accessible nutrition, menu and ordering information.

“We see our new Web site as the digital window to our brand,” said Diana Hovey, chief marketing officer at Corner Bakery Cafe, Dallas. “At Corner Bakery Cafe, we’re all about bringing people together over crave-able, ingredient-inspired food.

“Our guests give us great credit for delivering that experience in our cafes, but we realized that our digital footprint needed to better reflect that same in-cafe experience,” she said. “It started with building a completely new Web site, with a user-friendly, food-forward design.”

Online ordering
Corner Bakery Cafe’s new site delivers content in fewer clicks than it previously did, allowing for an enhanced user experience.

The menu has large, colorful images as well as a new “shuffle” option that lets consumers discover new products.

The mobile and tablet versions of the site feature a location finder at the top of the home page to help on-the-go consumers quickly find a café.

“The new site is fully responsive, so that users can seamlessly interact with the restaurant’s content and get the same experience whether they are coming from a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device,” said Dawn Maire, chief strategy officer of Rockfish, Rogers, AR. “When Rockfish started developing the site, we took into account that Corner Bakery Cafe’s guests would be coming to the content from multiple devices, and we created the site to deliver the optimal experience on each.

“The content is the same across devices, but you’ll notice that it’s served up in slightly different ways, taking into account where that user might be and what their immediate needs are,” she said.

“For example, on a smartphone or tablet, the navigation menu is streamlined so you can get to search and location tools more quickly. But if you are looking for that deeper experience – say, browsing the menu or diving into nutrition information – you will have the same experience on your mobile device as you would on your laptop.”

If consumers want to order on the site, they have the option of creating a user account to speed up future orders.

Additionally, it lets consumers search the menu based on nutritional information and calorie counts. Consumers can use the calorie range selector and a nutritional calculator to set limits for their meal.

There is also a 100 Combos under 600 Calories section with items such as paninis, sandwiches, salads and soups that are all under 600 calories.

There is also a to-go feature that lets consumers order online and pickup in-store from an express line.

Additionally, the site lets consumers share menu items via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Responsive design
As consumers are doing more activities such as ordering and purchasing on mobile, marketers such as Corner Bakery Cafe are realizing that they need to provide an engaging and simple experience across devices.

Fathead Mobile also redesigned its site to use responsive design and saw a 90 percent year-over-year increase in conversions (see story).

Similarly, Travelocity saw iOS bookings increase six percent and Android reservations spike eight percent after jumping to responsive design (see story).

“Brands today need to consider their customers’ lifestyles and how and where they are searching for related content,” Ms. Maire said.

“The fact is that nearly seven in ten consumers say that if a site isn’t optimized for mobile, they’ll immediately leave and head to a competitor’s site,” she said. “Companies like Corner Bakery Cafe recognize the need to build for mobile first to meet the needs of their guests.”

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York