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Chase updates small business app with real-time messaging

Chase’s credit card brand for business owners, Ink, refreshed its mobile application to increase flexibility and drive use of its services with real-time in-app messaging, tagged purchases and receipt image saving.

The Ink from Chase app now serves customers real-time in-app messaging regarding spending, tagged purchases, customizable categories, receipt image saving and immediate spending limit adjusting. Chase is hoping to entice and support new and established customers in running their small businesses through their services, at anytime and anywhere.

“We streamlined the functionality and enhanced the user interface to make it even easier for business owners to use the Ink app,” said Laura Miller, president of Business Card at Chase. “As you know, business owners are time starved and always on.

“If we can save them time managing their purchases using their Ink card, then they can focus more time on running their business or spending time with their customers,” she said. “We have enhanced the design of our dashboard that displays account balances and transaction activity.

“Business owners can also receive instant purchase alerts when a charge is made by them or their employees using their Ink card. This helps owners manage cash flow and provide greater control over their business expenses. And with more control at their fingertips, business owners can change employee spending limits on-the-fly within the app. Finally, we made it easier to add receipts using the camera on their smartphone.”

Relieving management pains
Operating a business can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the finances of a business. Ink from Chase hopes to pull in and retain customers through a more seamless experience through mobile.

Now that banking and finance has become intertwined with mobile, consumers expect to be able to access account information whenever and wherever. Untethered account operation is essential in serving customers what they need and want.

These additions to Ink’s mobile app significantly increase this experience and reduce the worry of the business owner. The push-notifications alerting account holders of spending greatly reduces stress, as business owners can keep track of their spending and employee spending to get a better handle on finances.

Business owners can tag purchases made through various categories, which are customizable. For instance these users can create purchasing categories by specific customers or type of purchase such as materials, supplies or accommodations.

To further log purchases and keep organized, Ink from Chase customers can snap photos of purchase receipts and categorize them as well.

Another important factor of the app allows business owners to adjust customer spending in real-time. This is especially beneficial and removes the threat of running into unnecessary spending issues while on the job.

For instance if an employee must use company credit cards for unforeseen expenses immediately and cost surpasses the limit assigned, the employer can instantaneously adjust the limit. Doing so can decrease headaches caused by unexpected issues.

Mobile refreshes banking
American Express also relaunched its mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms to include new features such as streamlined Touch ID login, rewards information, nearby offers and on-the-go fraud alert verification (see more).

Citi’s brand-new iPhone application took a significant step forward in further streamlining mobile banking as well with the integration of Touch ID and Apple Watch (see more).

“Our goal is to be the easiest bank to do business with,” Ms. Miller said. “Business owners want options to engage with their bank beyond a meeting with their banker or visiting to a branch.

“They want efficient, reliable and portable banking solutions so they can focus their time and energy in growing their business,” she said. “We feel we have an advantage by providing business owners with the assets of JPMorgan Chase coupled with a full spectrum of business banking solutions.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant Mobile Commerce Daily