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Best Buy pairs holiday trivia contests on Twitter with gift ideas

The electronics retailer is hoping to ramp up holiday sales through a series of call-to-action posts on social media while engaging and forming a connection with consumers at the same time. The posts employ a series of different tactics common on Twitter such as native polls, GIFs, videos, which then lead back to Best Buy’s Web site to purchase items featured in each individual post.

“Shoppers consume information differently and are active in a variety of social media platforms; therefore, it is imperative that retailers spread their marketing efforts across multiple mediums,” said David Naumann, director of marketing at Boston Retail Partners. “Best Buy’s tweets about holiday gift ideas are a great way to spark ideas for shoppers and drive them to the Best Buy web site to complete the purchase.”

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Twitter has become a means of connection with retailers to consumers, and during the holiday season this platform is leveraged even more to maximize holiday sales. While many are searching for gifts for loved ones, Best Buy is trying to point them in its direction for answers.

For instance, Best Buy created a series of Twitter polls asking followers their opinion on favorite holiday themes such as Favorite Nontraditional Holiday Movie, the Worst Christmas Villian and What Would you Prefer in your Stocking. Users respond by clicking on whichever answer they want, while many posts have a link to purchase items relating to the questions asked.

Other posts quiz users on various holiday trivia such as guessing the movie from a particular quote in which users have to reply with which movie they believe it is from the list of choices in an image. An included link brings users to Best Buy’s Web site, which features the correct film, available for purchase.

The retailer is sharing its curated hashtag #WintheHolidays and is attempting to get more awareness by having consumers tweet the hashtag along with gift questions.

A series of user-generated video is also featured on Best Buy’s social media feeds such as numerous footage of children screaming while getting a present on Christmas morning.

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Similarly, TJX Companies also geared up for the holidays with a contest on Twitter that tied into the gift-giving spirit by offering consumers a chance to win a gift card for others (see more).

Also, Apparel and accessories brand Kate Spade aired the latest episode in a social media video series featuring actress Anna Kendrick as it looks to drive holiday sales with shoppable mobile content (see more).

“The sharing nature of social media is a perfect way for people to let their friends and family know what is on their wish list,” Mr. Naumann said. “When friends and family see what people on their shopping list ‘like,’ it is convenient for them to follow the link and get their shopping done from the comfort of their home. Social shopping is still unique, but it has the potential to become much more prevalent.”

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