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Arm & Hammer launches receipt processing, validation holiday mobile campaign

The company tapped Snipp Interactive to use its Mobile Purchase Validation service and power the campaign. The program gives Arm & Hammer a new way to conduct programs such as rebates, loyalty and coupons, but with mobile.

“Last year, Arm & Hammer ran a similar incentive program around the Holidays, but that one was done the old fashioned way,” said Ritesh Bhavnani, CEO of Snipp, Washington. “Users had to tear off a form on the back of the Arm & Hammer box, fill it out, cut out the UPC code from two boxes, photocopy their receipts, send their submission by mail and wait six to eight weeks to receive their reward.

“From a consumer’s perspective, mobile receipt processing is much, much easier,” he said. “All they need is their phone.”

How it works
Arm & Hammer is using the Mobile Purchase Validation service to provide customers with a $10 off coupon.

To qualify, customers need to buy two one-pound boxes of the company’s baking soda product between now and Feb. 1.

From there, consumers are encouraged to submit photos of their receipts along with a photo of the two boxes via email or SMS.

For example, after snapping a picture of the receipt and package, consumers can either send it to short code 76477 or email it to [email protected].

Once their submission is validated, they will receive back a $10 savings coupon from

“Consumers don’t even need to download an app for this campaign,” Mr. Bhavnani said. “All they have to do is take photos of their receipts and the boxes and send it in by messaging or email.

“They get sent back a mobile form to fill out, the receipts are processed overnight and they get back their reward within 48 hours,” he said. “The system is also built for transparency and feedback.

“Users can check the status of their submission at anytime by visiting and are immediately notified if there is an issue with their submission and asked to resubmit correctly.”

Mobile redemption
A mobile initiative such as this is a great way to drive consumer engagement, especially without all of the hassle that they might have once had – such as physically submitting a proof of purchase.

Previously such programs were cumbersome as customers would be required to photocopy receipts, mail them in and wait six to eight weeks for a response.

“The advantages to the brands are even more significant,” Mr. Bhavnani said. “Additionally, the amount of data they receive is significant.

“All incoming receipts are automatically digitized, key transaction data is transcribed, and participants submit mobile data forms with their personal information, so advertisers are able to see not just who their customers are, but what they are buying and from where,” he said.

“In today’s world, this kind of purchase behavior data is increasingly important, particularly to brands that don’t own the point of sale and are being increasingly disintermediated by retailers.”

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York