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AOL’s helps on-the-go shoppers save money

The coupons are then redeemed instantly at check-out when the cashier swipes their store savings card. With this news, shoppers now have two ways to access electronic coupons – from their PC or mobile phone.

“Now more than ever, we’re an on-the-go society and in this economy we all want to save money so we’re making it even easier for shoppers to do so,” said Erin Gifford, spokeswoman at AOL’s Corporate Communications. “Our cell phone is our constant companion and we never leave home without it.

“Now, with mobile shoppers can never leave home without their coupons and can add coupons on the fly, even while they’re in the grocery aisle shopping, and the coupons will be ready for redemption once they hit the check-out line,” she said. is a free, paperless electronic coupon service that links coupons directly to grocery store savings cards. users can now go to on their handsets to select coupons and review coupons already loaded onto their cards with just a couple of clicks.

Within minutes of selection, the coupons will be ready for use on the shopper’s grocery store savings card.

Users can search for specific coupons as well as view their shopping lists right from their mobile devices.

Users can also search for coupons by categories such as Baking, Dairy, and Health and Beauty.

Once the user selects the desired category, a list of available coupons from top brands like Huggies and Healthy Choice will appear and the user can easily add the coupons to his or her card.

New users must first sign up at from their computer before logging in from their mobile phones.

“Mobile coupons are great because you always have access to them to help you save money in this poor economy,” Ms. Gifford said. “You always have your cell phone with you, so therefore you always have your mobile coupons.

“At mobile shoppers can pick the coupons they want from a simple drop-down box, they are electronically transferred to their store savings card, and within 5 minutes the coupons are ready for use,” she said. “They get redeemed automatically when the shopper swipes their store savings card at check-out.”