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Amazon puts pressure on Seamless, Postmates with restaurant delivery feature

The service works in a similar capacity to other mobile services such as Seamless or Postmates. The move represents Amazon’s continuing ambitions to push its services into every conceivable part of the retail industry.

“Las Vegas is a mecca for great entertainment and great food,” said Gus Lopez, general manager of Amazon Restaurants. “Whether you want delicious dishes after a night of gambling and dancing or an easy dinner option for a low-key evening in, Amazon Restaurants is the solution for a convenient and super-fast meal delivered in an hour or less.”

Restaurant delivery
Since its beginning, Amazon has made it a priority to disrupt industries and make leading companies nervous.

In the years since it was founded, Amazon has branched into online retail, music streaming, TV production and countless other initiatives that seem to pop up daily.

Now, the online retail giant is poised to begin disrupting yet another cozy industry by offering Amazon Restaurant delivery, making it a direct competitor to similar services provided by Postmates or Seamless.

Right now, Amazon is testing the ability for consumers to order food from restaurants through the Amazon mobile app.

The feature is being tested in Las Vegas now, and is likely to expand elsewhere if it sees success.

The feature comes fully-serviced with ability to browse menus, make orders, track orders and watch as the delivery driver makes his or her way to the customer.

The robustness of this service should surprise no one, as Amazon can afford to throw considerable resources into any project it tests.

Amazon guarantees an hour or less delivery, further putting the pressure on other delivery apps to be able to compete.

Extra pressure
The current line-up of participating restaurants contains a healthy variety of chains and independent restaurants from the Las Vegas area.

Once the feature expands, it is likely to recruit a considerable number of participating restaurants.

This puts Amazon in an even better position to pressure its competitors and other delivery services may struggle to compete.

Amazon has put more focus on the commercial options of the smartphone recently, with plans to shake up the mobile payment industry as well (see story).

But Amazon is not immune to its own medicine, feeling the heat recently from Walmart who have introduced two-day shipping as a direct step towards Amazon (see story).

As the new feature of restaurant delivery continues testing and eventually expands, other delivery apps will have to come up with new strategies to keep up with the breakneck pack at which Amazon routinely enters and disrupts new industries.

“We are very excited to join the Amazon Restaurants family because the company has proven time and time again that they are the cream of the crop when it comes to online shopping and speedy delivery,” said Daniel Fong, Sales and Marketing Manager of Island Sushi & Grill. “The amazing user experience on Amazon platforms is the best and we want to associate ourselves with the best in the industry.”