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    The rapid rise of buy now, pay later

    Despite regulatory uncertainties, BNPL won’t disappear anytime soon, writes Kendrick Sands, head of consumer finance research at Euromonitor International.

    Kendrick Sands • Oct. 5, 2022
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    A day of reckoning arrives for ultrafast delivery services

    The industry has failed to sustain the momentum it appeared to have on its side just a few months prior, writes Bob Hoyler, senior consultant at Euromonitor International.

    Bob Hoyler • May 3, 2022
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    Convenience is in the eye of the beholder

    Consumers are willing to be inconvenienced, as long as it's on their terms, writes Katie Thomas, who leads the Kearney Consumer Institute.

    Katie Thomas • Feb. 8, 2022
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    Returns are the new growth strategy

    To benefit from returns, retailers need to enhance the customer experience, optimize costs and preserve revenue, write Alvarez & Marsal's Michael Simoncic and Alfredo Lozano.

    Michael Simoncic and Alfredo Lozano • Dec. 23, 2021
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    Shortage signs versus facing: How retailers should deal with stockouts

    There are benefits and risks to each strategy, writes Gad Allon, faculty director of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Gad Allon • Dec. 9, 2021
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    3 rules for holiday 2021 success: Be first, be mobile, be flexible

    Given supply chain issues, retailers should promote what they know is in stock, writes Vincent DeSantis, director of Retail Facebook Business Group.

    Vincent DeSantis • Oct. 27, 2021
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    Why raising minimum wage is no longer enough to draw in retail workers

    Workers are not responding to these cues as they traditionally have. Why? Most retailers are using an outdated hiring playbook, write Alvarez and Marsal's David Ritter and Conor Gaffney.

    David Ritter and Conor Gaffney • Sept. 23, 2021
  • An independent bookstore in Portland, Maine shuttered voluntarily in March as COVID-19 spread.
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    How well-performing retailers navigated the pandemic, and best practices for the years ahead

    Retailers that survived the pandemic should adopt these practices of the winners, who had a few critical things in common, writes Bill Kearney, managing director of White Oak Commercial Finance.

    Bill Kearney • Aug. 18, 2021
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    The demise of the department store? Not so fast

    Department stores still have a strong value proposition, if only they can reimagine their experience, write Alvarez and Marsal's Mohit Mohal and Jonathan Sharp.

    Mohit Mohal and Jonathan Sharp • Aug. 11, 2021
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    The future of retail belongs to those who make the best decisions

    The key is adding data into the mix — from all places and in as real time as possible — so retailers can make better, more informed decisions, writes Deloitte's Christina Bieniek. 

    Christina Bieniek • June 3, 2021
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    The rise of curbside pickup: Best practices for retailers

    Retailers of all types would do well to develop their curbside pickup capabilities further, writes Euromonitor International's Bob Hoyler.

    Bob Hoyler • May 13, 2021
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    Retailers: It's time to move beyond outdated business models

    Pay attention to these five areas as you plan for the future, writes Kaufman Rossin's N.K. "Trip" Tripathy.

    N.K. "Trip" Tripathy • April 20, 2021
  • The shift to the suburbs predates COVID-19. Did retailers miss the signs?

    As suburban populations grew over the past decade, retailers consistently ignored the trend in favor of cities, writes Euromonitor International's Bob Hoyler.

    Bob Hoyler • April 15, 2021
  • Retail in a post-COVID world: We need to go back to the way we were

    While it's easy to blame the pandemic for its toll on retail, it merely accelerated changes that were already happening, writes Carl Marks Advisors' Howard Meitiner.

    Howard Meitiner • April 8, 2021
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    The health, social and economic pandemic triad brings a watershed moment to retail in 2021

    Retailers cannot focus on getting shoppers back into stores until health and social concerns are solved, writes SSA & Company's Matt Katz.

    Matt Katz • March 4, 2021
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    Top 7 trends in retail digital transformation and innovation for 2021

    From contactless services to cost optimization strategies, retailers are building adaptable business models in response to COVID-19, writes Gartner's Kelsie Marian.

    Kelsie Marian • Feb. 24, 2021
  • Pre-pandemic profitability could be 5 years out

    Radical strategies are needed around consumer engagement to get back to pre-pandemic profitability, write Kearney's Michael Brown, Suketu Gandhi, Cara Cole and Natalie Shield.

    Michael Brown, Suketu Gandhi, Cara Cole and Natalie Shield • Feb. 12, 2021
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    The evolution of the shopping mall: What consumers want

    E-commerce sales growth and in-store traffic declines are creating challenges for traditional malls, write Cushman & Wakefield's Barrie Scardina and WD Partners' Lee Peterson. 

    Barrie Scardina and Lee Peterson • Jan. 21, 2021
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    How COVID-19 prompted new thinking for omnichannel

    Accelerated investments in 2020 redefined omnichannel, writes Amanda Bourlier, head of retail at Euromonitor International.

    Amanda Bourlier • Dec. 18, 2020
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    Predictions to help navigate the 2020 holiday shopping season

    Future holiday shopping seasons will likely have more in common with 2020 than with 2019, writes Euromonitor International's Amanda Bourlier.

    Amanda Bourlier • Nov. 23, 2020
  • 7-Eleven expands lab stores
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    Top customer service considerations for retailers in a post-COVID world

    The customer experience is one of the most critical touchpoints a retailer has with its customers, writes 7-Eleven's Jerry Campbell. 

    Jerry Campbell • July 30, 2020
  • 5 ways beauty brands can grow faster online

    Beauty sales were already moving online, but the pandemic has accelerated that trend, writes Sandy Skrovan, industry research director at Profitero.

    Sandy Skrovan • July 22, 2020
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    What will bring consumers back to brick-and-mortar stores?

    Post-pandemic, the retailers that reopen without making major changes to how they do business could lose out, writes Consumers in Motion's Daniel Hodges.

    Daniel Hodges • May 28, 2020
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    Cara Salpini for Retail Dive

    Survival of the fittest for DTC brands

    Before the current crisis hit, we were already seeing flaws in the DTC model, writes Alex Song, CEO of Innovation Department.

    Alex Song • May 14, 2020
  • COVID-19: The ultimate stress test for retailers

    The novel coronavirus is the latest reminder that companies need to plan and prepare for the unexpected, writes Gartner's Kelsie Marian.

    Kelsie Marian • April 9, 2020