What is an Automated Put Wall?

Put Walls are an efficient way to fill orders quickly. Sure Sort™ is an “automated” put wall which sorts items faster, more accurately and with much less labor than a traditional put wall. Sure Sort places small items weighing under 5 lbs. into individual orders or kits using robotics technology.

Items inducted into the machine are scanned by an array of cameras which capture barcode data from virtually any angle. Sure Sort’s cameras even read labels from poly-bagged, cylindrical and blister-pack items. Data from the barcode is transmitted to WCS or WMS software, correlated to a sort location and sent back to robots which move horizontally and vertically inside the machine. The robot receiving the data “drives” the item from the scan tunnel to the sort trays located along the edges of the machine.

Sure Sort requires just two to three workers to fulfill orders at a rate of 2,400 items per hour – one at the induction belt and one or two pulling completed orders from the machine. Traditional put walls can require up to 10 times the amount of labor to achieve the same rate, and can require up to 10 times the amount of space.

Sure Sort is highly scalable in both size and throughput and is ideal for smaller businesses looking for a cost-effective entry into warehouse automation as well as large fulfillment operations looking to streamline their processes.

This white paper explains how Sure Sort solves a range of sorting challenges.