Podcast: The Keys to Brand Sustainability

How Big Ideas, Tough Questions and Risk Takers Give Retail Brands Staying Power

Doug Stephens, founder of Retail Prophet and retail industry futurist, shares his perspective on the actions retail brands need to take in order to be sustainable.

During this 27-minute podcast episode, Doug explains why reembracing the Founder’s Mentality, asking the hard questions (i.e.: “If my brand were to disappear tomorrow, would we be missed?) and identifying if your brand is hiring and rewarding talent for innovation or compliance are integral to unlocking the essence of your brand. 

“The Keys to Brand Sustainability” is Episode 3 of a series of podcasts presented by Aptos in accordance with their Retail Experience Project.

Aptos’ Retail Experience Project is a compilation of resources developed by industry thought leaders and experts to help retail brands tackle the many challenges faced as they evaluate, update and reinvent their in-store experiences.