2019 Benchmarks Report: Google Ads in Retail

This report dives deep into Google Shopping and Google paid search performance statistics for retail. In this edition of Sidecar’s annual Benchmarks Report, you’ll find:

Retailers’ Google Shopping revenue grew 29% year over year while Google paid search revenue jumped 13%.

Google Shopping CPC increased 4% year over year and Google paid search CPC saw a 14% lift.

Google Shopping AOV was $169 while Google paid search AOV was $110 in 2018, each up 11% from 2017.

See many more findings around retailers’ ad spend, ROAS, click-through rate, conversion rate, and impression share.

Discover the performance statistics for YOUR retail vertical, and recommendations to develop higher performing Google Ads campaigns. The 2019 Benchmarks Report by Sidecar analyzes U.S. retailers’ Google Ads performance to uncover:

  • Why retailers are investing more in Google’s paid search and shopping channels—and driving greater revenue

  • Where performance benchmarks landed across key retail verticals, including apparel, house/home, health/beauty, sporting goods, electronics, and more

  • Holiday shopping patterns gaining new momentum

  • Recommendations to empower retail marketers to drive Google Ads growth in 2019

Download the report now.