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Yiftee ramps up retailer sales and consumer convenience via Twitter gift cards

Digital gifting company Yiftee is allowing brands and retailers to reward their loyal followers with egifts via Twitter, increasing sales and securing devoted customers.

Yiftee has launched a new venture through Twitter, in which consumers can share virtual gift cards and gifts through messaging for easy access and gift reminders while brands can also leverage the tool and send surprises to loyal fans without having to mutually follow each other. The feature is driving sales for retailers partnering with Yiftee, while also increasing brand sentiment to marketers leveraging it.

“Today’s consumers are going mobile on everything from communications, shopping, engaging with online communities, information research and everything,” said Simona Martin,  “They do not want nor need to stay in the last century when it comes to gifts and gift cards.

“We need to meet them where they are, mobile and on the go with gift cards that follow them on their mobile journeys,” she said. “Tweet a gift functionality takes eGifting to the next level.

“Call it an open system of gifting. We can now engage friends, customers and clients in the same way we keep up with their thinking, commentary and interests; the ubiquitous Twitter”

Presenting loyalty
Many customers compelled by gift cards to visit retail locations end up spending more than the value of the certificate. Introducing gift cards to social media increases the sales of the gift cards, and further increases sales upon use.

The egifts allow for a more seamless and spontaneous method in sending gift cards, which increases the chances of selling gift cards. Having the egfits saved through a mobile application such as Twitter allows for easy access for consumers.

Many time gift cards can be forgotten and left by the wayside. Yiftee sends users reminders of the gift card, which will maximize chances of use.

Twitter users can send gifts to friends and followers, while brands can send the egifts as encouragement or reward for engaging with the brand. For instance if a brand is coaxing users to start a discussion on social media with a particular hashtag, the brand can reward those who have gotten involved with a Yiftee egift.

“Imagine a brand like Nike launches a #hashtag campaign on Twitter around a particular event,” Ms. Martin said. “Imagine then that they surprise those consumers who tweet using that same # with an eGift.

“Those consumers then rave about the eGift on Social media, tell their friends and redeem their eGift at the Nike store and likely spend more that the eGift value,” she said. “This is the coveted last mile in consumer engagement.”

“The consumers benefit from instant appreciation of their brand loyalty.  Isn’t that what today’s consumers are seeking?  They also have their eGift Cards close at hand, instead of in the back of a sock drawer, get eReminders, and can easily thank the gift sender right from the eGift.”

Users can send a gift via Yiftee’s mobile app or Web site. The gift recipient will be notified through Twitter notifications.

The receiver must have a Twitter account, but neither party needs to be following the other, unlike direct messages, in which both parties need to mutually follow each other. Once receive the user can redeem the gift at the respective retail location, using the virtual code.

With services such as Living Social and Groupon growing in popularity, mobile gift cards have become a staple within the retail industry and mobile commerce.

Gifting mobile
For instance, Sam’s Club ramped up efforts to drive membership sales to its retail warehouse clubs in 2015 by offering consumers a $20 gift card usable on mobile devices upon enrollment, with an additional $5 for those who share the promotion on Facebook (see more).

Twitter is also an ideal platform in driving sales. Discount mobile application ShopSavvy created a personal shopping experience on the social platform providing immediate discount comparisons, showcasing how social media and mobile can create personal experiences that provide solutions to real consumer needs (see more).

“EGift cards drive sales in the same way as plastic, but with a punch,” Ms. Martin said. “We know that consumers typically spend more than the value of a gift card.

“But Yiftee eGift Cards are always with the consumer,” she said. “They can rave about their gift on Twitter, eReminders improve redemption rates and in-store visits, and brand visibility is increased.”

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily, New York