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Regal Entertainment pushes eGift cards sales with mobile-optimized incentive

Regal Entertainment Group, the company behind movie theatre chain Regal Cinemas, is aiming to drive last-minute holiday sales online and on mobile devices by enticing consumers with a free $10 mobile-optimized Regal eGift card for every $50 in eGift cards purchased.

The eGift cards may redeemed via Google Wallet at the concession stand, and can be accessed with the tap of a finger on a mobile screen. Regal Entertainment hopes that this incentive, which is available through Dec. 26, will fuel more shoppers to buy movie tickets online during the busy holiday week.

“The free $10 per $50 purchase is sure to appeal to consumers hoping to share the movie-going experience with loved ones this holiday season, but the real draw is the ease with which it’s purchased and shared,” said Shira Anderson, marketing manager at Como, Israel. “By ensuring their eGift cards are not only simple for the recipient to use, but also the giver to gift, Regal Cinemas has succeeded in capturing three audiences in one: movie lovers, last-minute shoppers, and the tech-savvy mobile crowd.

“With only two days to go until Christmas, that’s a real win.”

Mobile component
Regal Entertainment is partnering with Google Wallet for this offer, which can be accessed by visiting or The eGift cards can be arranged to be sent instantly or at a specific delivery time, and are customizable for recipients with personal messages.

Gift-givers can also upload a personal photo to emblazon on the virtual card, for which there are no shipping or service fees.

The eGift cards arrive with a “Save to Google” button that enables move fans to automatically add and save the card to their Google Wallet accounts. The gift card can then be accessed easily on any iOS or Android mobile device by visiting the Google Wallet mobile application.

The incentivized gift cards can only be redeemed through Google Wallet, and are valid upon presentation at Regal Cinema concession stands until Jan. 31, 2015.

Regal Entertainment Group is no stranger to mobile strategy, as the brand teamed up with Pepsi to leverage a text-to-win sweepstakes, offering winners a trip to the 2014 Academy Awards (see story). SMS keywords were placed on Pepsi cups sold in cinemas, which prompted moviegoers to text the code to a designated number for a chance to win a trip to the Oscars, Pepsi products or Regal Cinema gift cards.

“The opportunities for movie theaters like Regal Entertainment Group to introduce really engaging mobile experiences that bridge the online and offline worlds is huge,” said said Puneet Mehta, CEO of MobileROI, New York. “For instance, iBeacons placed by movie posters can play the trailer or a special message from the actors when a person is standing in front of it.

“IBeacons by the exit door can disseminate surveys, enabling companies to get immediate feedback from consumers on the movie they just watched. And of course, mobile ticketing and loyalty cards saved within Passbook or Google’s Mobile Wallet allow for a modernized- no hassle – trip to the cinema.”

Rise of mGift cards
Gift cards that are shoppable or redeemable on mobile devices are gaining traction in mcommerce, following the rollout of Amazon’s Facebook-powered Surprise! app (see story). Consumers are increasingly seeking for opportunities to personalize gifts, but also send them from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet.

Physical gift cards are also easily lost or misplaced, whereas consumers can feel confident that they will have an eGift card or mGift card on their person at all times, providing they carry their smartphone with them regularly.

These factors are likely to fuel mGift cards to overtake physical gift cards in terms of popularity, a strategy that Regal Entertainment is already playing into.

“Left to consumers, the move to mobile is inevitable: who hasn’t lost at least one gift card in the past year?” Como’s Ms. Anderson said. “Putting something so easy to misplace on the one device you’re never without seems like the perfect fit.

“This shift is a win for businesses too. A gift card is the perfect referral, and mGift cards take this a step further. By incorporating an mGift card into a larger mobile strategy, businesses can better translate new customers into loyal ones,” she said.

“And as most people are already expecting businesses to be accessible from their mobile phone, providing customers with a digital option can provide an additional incentive for them to use and share such cards within their social networks.”

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York