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Uber teams with Manchester United for global brand partnership

The partnership continues Uber’s plan of partnering with big name brands to edge out its competitors who offer similar services. On Man U’s part, it continues to be one of the most marketable names in English soccer.

“Manchester United is always looking at ways in which we can improve our fans’ experience and our relationship with Uber will allow us to do this in new and exciting ways.

Global partnership
For many mobile service applications, such as Uber, whose product relies entirely on users interacting through their phones, they have been moving towards adding more unique branded messaging to supplement the standard experiences.

Uber is in particular need of this given that its main function can be provided by a variety of other similar apps such as Lyft and Via.

To get around this, Uber has been partnering with a variety of big name brands to offer unique experiences and entice customers away from other apps with similar offerings.

The next big step for Uber comes in the form of a global partnership with Manchester United, one of the biggest names in English Premier League Soccer.

The partnership marks a big step for Uber who will be providing rides to and from Manchester United games for fans in England.

This partnership is not just restricted to the team’s home country, as Man U has a dedicated global fanbase as well.

Fans from 30 different countries will also be able to benefit from this partnership in the form of behind-the-scenes content and interactive campaigns through the Uber app.

Manchester United
Uber is relying on big partnership with name brands to entice customers away from the competition.

But these partnerships also serve to add variety and flavor to an experience that can often be rote – especially for consumers who often make the same Uber ride from work to home or other common destinations.

Most recently, the brand has begun partnering with both big-name chains and smaller startups. For example, Uber began partnering with Wendy’s for charity events (see story).

Additionally, the brand has partnered with Atom Ticketing, a movie ticket provider, for private screenings of a new film (see story).

Altogether, Uber is banking on the strength of big name brands such as Manchester United and the unique experiences those brands provide to continue to woo customers to its side.

“Supporters will tell you that the journey to and from a game, whether they are watching it at Old Trafford or another venue on the other side of the world, is an important part of the matchday experience, contributing to the build-up and anticipation of the day. Working with Uber we will look to enhance this experience for our 659 million followers, both home and abroad, by bringing them the spirit of Old Trafford and Manchester United through various experiences and interactive campaigns.”

“Uber makes it easier for people around the world to connect to what they care about and now we’re excited to give that connection to Manchester United fans.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Manchester United to not only make match day transportation more seamless, but to deliver fans incredible experiences throughout the season, no matter where they are supporting from.”