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Atom Tickets and UberEATS partner for private screenings of The Founder

UberEATS and Atom Tickets are teaming up for a new promotion that will give customers the chance to see six free private screenings of the new film form The Weinstein Company, The Founder.

The six private screenings will happen at theaters around the country. The partnership is a move on both Atom and Uber’s part to bring more unique physical experiences to its larger mobile service.

“Atom Tickets and UberEATS both simplify everyday activities and save people time, and we’re really proud to be collaborating with a company that we admire,” said Matthew Bakal, executive chairman and co-founder of Atom Tickets. “We’re excited to treat these communities to this exceptional movie while supporting a fellow app in the process. It speaks to the forward-thinking culture we’re creating at Atom.”

The Founder
While many mobile services have gained huge popularity over the last 10 years or so as smartphones have completely taken over our digital lives, it still helps when those services are able to offer unique physical experiences.

Some of the most prominent of those mobile-first services is Uber, a company that has completely disrupted its chosen industry and inspired its own term – “Uberization” – to describe the way industries move towards on-demand mobile services.

But even Uber, with its wildly successful single business model, has had to branch out to other services to keep up – namely, UberEATS, the company’s food delivery service.

Now, UberEATS is partnering with Atom Ticketing, an Uber-style on-demand movie tickets provider, for a special promotion.

UberEATS and Atom are partnering up to offer consumers the option to see an exclusive free screening of the new film from The Weinstein Company, The Founder.

The Founder follows the story of Ray Kroc, the man who made McDonald’s a household name in the 1950’s.

Uber users can simply go to the UberEATS tab of the Uber app and select free tickets starting on January 15. The tickets will go out on a first-come first-serve basis.

The live experience
The partnership comes at a time when mobile services such as Uber and Atom are beginning to expand what they offer customers to include more unique live experiences.

This move from the two services is clearly a step towards providing their customers with more unique and memorable options that they cannot get from similar services.

Both Uber and Atom, while prominent in their respective industries, are not the only ones to offer what they offer. Uber users can always get rides from Lyft or Via and Atom users can use Fandango.

But by coming together for a unique and exclusive offer, both companies seek to retain their customers.

Uber has long known that partnerships are a great way to keep customers interested. The app has partnered with many brands and organizations, the latest of which was Wendy’s (see story).

“At Uber, we are committed to providing a unique, customer-focused experience. This special promotion and partnership with Atom Tickets offers users a fun way to experience this food focused movie and celebrate National Popcorn Day,” said Allen Narcisse, General Manager for UberEATS Southern California.