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TD Bank introduces Touch ID and more tasks with app redesign

The bank’s redesign creates a more seamless banking experience for users and includes greater visibility to access the wide ranges of features now available on the app. The TD iOS app update has been long awaited and boasts a more modern look and feel, eliminating the need to scroll through multiple pages to get to where users need, as well as the cumbersome log in features from the past.

“There is little perceived risk with Touch ID given its security record to date,” Jeff Hasen, founder of Gotta Mobilize. “The functionality makes the banking process easier, something that the on-the-go mobile user always seeks.

“Of course, this only gives the iPhone-carrying bank customer this experience,” he said. “Those who have other devices can not participate.”

TD touch points
IPhone users no longer need to fill out the complicated log in page of TD Bank’s previous app, which required users to fill out their username and password along with a series of security questions. Now they can simply scan their fingerprint on iPhone models 5s and higher to be able to log in right away.

The Touch ID capability allows TD to stand up to more modernized banking apps and allows users the fastest experience while banking on the go.

TD’s new app home screen provides users with a wide range of options, in a sleek interface, so they no longer have to go through multiple pages to complete an action. Users can choose from tabs across the top labeled Accounts, Pay a Bill, Transfer and Deposit but also listed featured horizontally such as locations, a contact page, account viewing, transfer management and mobile deposit.

For users looking for even more information, they can click on the menu tab in the left corner that brings up all the already listed features but also provides users with app settings, frequently asked questions, alert management, messages and the apps’ terms of use. In the past, app users were limited to only a few of these features and would have to access TD’s desktop Web site for a comprehensive experience.

TD Technology
TD Bank rolled out its first mobile app for tablets in 2014 to reach a wider target audience of consumers looking to conduct online banking on personal devices (see more).

The bank also recently joined forces with MasterCard and authentication technology firm Nymi to roll out the first biometrically authenticated wearable device that identifies users based on their heartbeats and allows them to make contactless payments (see more).

“Brands like TD Bank are wise to offer choice, even non-phone transacting options,” Mr. Hasen said. “While mobile banking is increasing in popularity, there still are meaningful numbers who only use ATMs and others who won’t sleep at night unless they bank with a teller.

“Choice is the killer app,” he said.