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ShopSavvy innovates personal shopping experience through Twitter

Additional reporting provided by Michael Barris

Discount mobile application ShopSavvy has created a personal shopping experience on social media providing immediate discount comparisons, showcasing how social media and mobile can create personal experiences that provide solutions to real consumer needs.

The discount provider has just launched its platform in which users converse with the service through Twitter to quickly find greater discounts. The ShopSavvy Twitter account operates almost as a personal shopper and finds cheaper prices for the consumer, eliminating a frustrating search experience and bringing a more intimate shopping experience into the digital world.

“For seven years now, ShopSavvy has been the unbiased resource for consumers to find the best deals for products both online and in-store,” said John Boyd, CEO of ShopSavvy. “Until now, users had to download the ShopSavvy app to their mobile device in order to find the best price for whatever they are looking for.

“Now, with the most recent update, bargain hunters have a brand new way to check for the best prices, Twitter,” he said. “The use of mobile devices for eCommerce has been on the rise for a few years and does not seem to be slowing down.

Personal shopping
ShopSavvy has a history of innovating services that maximize consumer savings and reduce time consuming deal searching. Its latest Twitter invention is only an extension of the service, but brings a fresh take on digital shopping.

Twitter users interested in finding a cheaper price on a particular item post the link to the product and tag @Shopsavvy to find the biggest savings. ShopSavvy technology searches for the product at the cheapest price and can respond in minutes to the Twitter user.

Users of the ShopSavvy Twitter service are limited to its products from major retailers such as Walmart, Toys R Us, Amazon and Home Depot. For instance if a consumer finds a product on, but wants to make sure there is not a cheaper price she shares the link on Twitter and tags ShopSavvy.

The Twitter account replies to the user with a cheaper link if possible. However, sometimes the user has found the lowest possible price and the service well tweet that this is the case.

Social commerce
Retailers leveraging social media is growing trend seen in mobile commerce. It creates a unique, seamless and personal experience that is hard to recreate on other platforms.

For instance, Discovery Channel’s annual television event Shark Week also dove deep into mobile commerce to drive merchandise sales similarly through Twitter’s buy button, leveraging daily deals and social media buzz (see more).

Also, Horticulture retailer Gardener’s Supply Company is one of the first marketers to jump on board Pinterest’s new buyable pin option to reap the early-bird-gets-the-worm benefits (see more).

“Our loyal users love shopping for deals and saving money within the ShopSavvy mobile app,” Mr. Boyd said. “However, in order to help even more consumers save money and find the best deals on the products they want, we felt we needed to widen our reach and bring our services to the world of Twitter.

“This new feature gives non ShopSavvy users a quick and easy way to find the very best deals online or in-store,” he said.

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily