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Restaurant platform Fishbowl adds Android Pay to roster of payment options

Fishbowl, a mobile platform for restaurants to provide their customers with loyalty, coupon and ordering offers, has just integrated Android Pay into its platform, allowing Android users to make purchases even more simply than before.

The partnership brings Android Pay features to any restaurant that partner with Fishbowl. Those restaurants can offer Android Pay to their loyalty customers for use in and out of the restaurant.

“Fishbowl’s promotion and loyalty management solutions enable our clients to strategically leverage coupons and offers that are relevant and timely without cannibalizing sales contribution,” said Dev Ganesan, CEO of Fishbowl. “Integrating with Android Pay is a requirement in today’s mobile-first world. It offers restaurant goers a consolidated, personalized view of offers across retailers and restaurants. It also provides operators another content distribution channel, specifically virtual loyalty cards and promotional offers. It’s a win-win for both consumers and retailers.”

Mobile pay
With the advent of mobile has come a wave of revolution in the retail world – and many other industries as well – that has shaped the way brands market and sell their products on a fundamental level.

That wave is personalization, and today, every brand needs to be able to offer some level of it to be competitive.

For restaurants, that personalization often comes in the form of loyalty programs, coupons and other promotional ideas.

These personalization efforts have the strongest effect when coupled with the catalyst of the personalization efforts – mobile.

Companies can use mobile to keep track of individual customers on a deeper level. To do this, they often need some sort of platform to manage those accounts.

That is where Fishbowl comes in. Fishbowl offers a unified way for many different restaurants to manage their loyalty efforts and promotional campaigns all in one place.

Now, Fishbowl has partnered with Andoird Pay to bring an even more personalized and seamless level of purchasing efficiency to the Fishbowl platform and let customers quickly and easily make purchases when using an Android device.

Payments race
Android Pay, despite being slightly less popular than its main competitor in Apple Pay, has still been able to make some waves in recent months, gaining a variety of new partnerships and integrations that this work with Fishbowl represents a continuation of.

In addition to Fishbowl, Android Pay recently announced that it would be integrated with both Visa and Chase Bank (see story).

Overall, mobile payments are still trying to find their way as they have become stuck between being used as an in-store contactless payment solution or a shortcut to online mobile checkouts.

Either way, new partnerships with big platforms are an excellent way for Android Pay to continue to spread its message to users.

“Fishbowl has a large restaurant client base and, as such, a huge swath of restaurant guests,” said Jack Connors, Head of Commerce Partnerships at Google. “As payment becomes more mobile, the opportunity to provide a cohesive wallet experience is obvious. Through integration with Fishbowl, restaurant brands can issue coupons and loyalty cards while ensuring a seamless experience at point of purchase, helping us to validate Android Pay as a viable distribution and payment platform.”