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PetSmart trains new puppy owners through mobile hub, driving sales

PetSmart is creating a consistent stream of sales for puppy products through a mobile-optimized hub, which provides information and collections following the surge of holiday pet adoptions.

Following an online survey, the pet product retailer discovered that a significant amount of consumers adopted puppies for the holidays as gifts, and is hoping to continue capitalizing on this opportunity. PetSmart launched a digital hub which provides new dog owners with a series of information on how to care for their new family member, while also providing products specific to puppies.

“Mobile devices are the predominant way our customers choose to engage with our digital properties,” said Joice Wirkus, vice president of retail marketing at PetSmart. “In fact, the majority of our website traffic now comes from a mobile or tablet device.

“Our aim is to be the trusted partner for pet parents at every moment in their journey with their pet,” she said. “And because so many families got a new puppy at the Dec holidays, we felt timing was right to launch our New Puppy campaign with TV, in-store programs and online to help with this important first stage of pet parenthood.”

PetSmart hub
PetSmart is sharing important information that every new puppy owner needs to know through its digital hub, available on mobile. Among the variety of publication content, the retailer has also included links for important products such as puppy food, crates, ID tags and water bowls.

The retailer also hosts a variety of in-house services such as veterinary, grooming, training, pet hotels and doggie day care, which it is promoting on the mobile hub. PetSmart is also providing insight on how to sign up for its loyalty program, advertising its birthday treat, personalized deal alerts and rewards discounts.

The digital page comes prior to PetSmart’s Puppy Palooza event, during which bricks-and-mortar locations will have experts to discuss pet training, nutrition, grooming and other information regarding dogs. PetSmart’s puppy page is providing awareness for the event as well.

The puppy hub is located at and features a variety of publication content such as how to introduce your new puppy to other dogs or family, a list of name possibilities, a puppy proofing guide and nutrition information.

While PetSmart most likely saw a surge in products for young dogs over the holidays, the retailer would like to continue the flow of sales for these products. The digital hub will likely attract new owners with its vast guides and information, and incite them to purchase with its product integration.

Digital hubs
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“Through our consumer research we learned there are key problem-solution areas new puppy parents say top their list,” Ms. Wirkus said. “These include potty training, the dog walking well on a leash, health, hygiene and grooming, especially oral care, keeping the pup and the household safe from fleas and ticks as well as picking the right food.

“So we addressed these areas, and more, with our New Puppy campaign that includes the online New Puppy Center,” she said. “We also offer a New Puppy Guide for $20 with $250 in offers on all the essentials a new puppy parent needs from crates, feeding bowls and chew toys to free bags of food and free services like the puppy’s first bath and vet consultation.

“We believe managing through the puppy phase with the right resources, products and solutions is important to lay a strong foundation for a long, enriching journey together.”