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Masterpass expands order ahead coverage to new markets, features

Mastercard is expanding the coverage of one of its more innovative mobile payment features with the addition of six new markets to Masterpass’ order ahead feature.

The feature, called Qkr!, lets customers purchase items from a retail store through a mobile application before they pick it up from the store. The feature will also now eliminate the traditional “open tab” at a bar, through mobile payments.

“Today, we’re looking for convenience in all parts of our lives,” said Betty DeVita, chief commercial officer, Digital Payments and Labs, Mastercard. “Though grab-and-go retail is becoming increasingly popular with those on the move, consumers maintain high customer service expectations. Qkr! with Masterpass provides them with a frictionless retail experience – bringing together self-service, fast, seamless payments and card safety and security in new and unique ways.”

Masterpass payments
Mastercard, possibly more than any other company, has been pushing its mobile payments platform hard in the past few months.

Masterpass is a global mobile payment service with a wide variety of applications and features with a massive list of participating retailers and stores.

It seems like new features are constantly rolling out, and Mastercard is keeping up that pace with the announcement of a rollout of Masterpass’ order ahead feature in six new markets as well as some expanded capabilities.

The feature is called Qkr!, and it lets consumers order items through their phones and pick them up in the store, skipping the lines and giving them an easier path to purchase.

Soon, this feature will be available in Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

Qckr! Is usable at retailer stores, sports arenas, restaurants, bars and pretty much anywhere that payments are accepted.

Additionally, Mastercard is adding some additional features that will help streamline bar ordering by eliminating “open tabs” and replacing them with Qkr! payments.

Mobile push
Mastercard’s payment system has already become one of the top mobile payment platforms in the industry.

Masterpass has many different features that have rolled out and integrations with a number of major companies such as Samsung and Microsoft.

Most recently, Mastercard has unveiled a digital directory of all the vendors that are compatible with Masterpass (see story). This will make it easier for users who would like to try out Qkr! to see where and which stores are compatible with the feature.

Previously, Masterpass has been rolling out its general platform to even more markets such as in South Africa through a partnership with Vodacom (see story).

Mastercard will likely to continue to push Masterpass not just on the strength of its many features, but also on the many partnerships it has forged with retailers such as British chain wagawama.

“At wagamama, we believe in the philosophy of ‘kaizen’ or ‘good change’ and Qkr is helping us to deliver this,” said Richard Talboy, director IT, wagamama. “With Qkr, our guests have the control to pay when they want and leave when they are ready rather than having to wait for the bill, which means that the server is freed up to spend more time on delivering great service. In a customer-service environment, the focus should be on brilliant food, great service and making the occasion fun for our guests, and paying with Qkr removes any needless fuss around a bill.”