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Jamba Juice squeezes results out of Groupon mobile tie-in

Supported by Fishbowl’s software, the promotion resulted in more than 300,000 sales to 90,000 unique purchasers from July 16 to Aug. 15 with more than 70 percent of sales taking place on the mobile Groupon application and strong engagement across Groupon’s social media channels.

The campaign pointed to the benefits Jamba Juice is seeing from its pursuit of a mobile program as more than 50 percent of its Web traffic comes from mobile.

“Fishbowl’s technology enabled Jamba Juice to create optimized and reliable promotions, distribute them through Groupon, and then authenticate and track the performance in real time, capturing the underlying transaction data,” said Dev Ganesan, CEO, Fishbowl. “The campaign delivered a great consumer experience based on redemption results.”

Back to School
The promotion also appeared on the front page of Groupon’s “Back to School” section of their website on Aug. 6.

The mobile campaign began by installing Fishbowl’s Promotions Manager system in 700 locations.


In the campaign, each time a Jamba Juice guest purchased the promotion on Groupon, he or she received three or five unique codes, based on the purchase, which were accessible via Groupon’s mobile channels.

Fishbowl’s technology made it possible to run the campaign on a national scale without concerns about fraudulent use of the coupons, and with the ability to track the redemptions at the consumer level to determine the impact of Groupon and overall campaign ROI. 

As consumers embrace more healthy diets, Jamba Juice is looking to expand beyond smoothies to establish itself as the largest national retailer for freshly-squeezed juices.

Groupon’s mobile audience base aligned with Jamba Juice’s core demographic.

By leveraging Fishbowl’s software, Jamba Juice could create optimized promotions that were reliable by allowing one use per code. It distributed the offers both directly and through Groupon, then authenticated and tracked the performance in real time, capturing the underlying transaction data.

The codes consumers received showed up on the Groupon Web site or mobile application.

Jamba Juice’s commitment to build engagement and sales through mobile is partly driven by more than half of its Web traffic coming from mobile users.

In February, Jamba Juice rolled out its new rewards program on a national level following a test from last summer.

The smoothie chain’s Jamba Insider Rewards program went live in Jamba Juice’s 851 stores. The program is powered through SMS and in-store touch screens that consumers use to type in their mobile phone numbers.

The loyalty program is part of a bigger mobile strategy based on improving the in-store experience, especially around mobile payments.

Mobile payments
Jamba Juice was one of the first brands to implement Isis and celebrated the nationwide launch of the mobile payment service in October last year with a million free smoothies.

Jamba Juice also began testing mobile payments within the PayPal app in 2013.

Jamba Juice first unveiled its freshly-squeezed juices line in 2013 and has since accelerated its fresh juices offering to more than 500 stores this past summer. It plans to have the juices in all 800 locations.

The campaign gives its ramp-up of fresh juices a big push forward.

“The new fresh squeezed juices were promoted on Groupon’s online and mobile channels across 15 major U.S. markets, reaching 72 million subscribers,” Mr. Ganeson said.

Final Take
Michael Barris is staff reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York.