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EBay streamlines shipping for sellers with expanded Shyp rollout

Peer-to-peer digital retailer eBay is simplifying what is usually a complicated process for its sellers by expanding its partnership with mobile application Shyp, providing users with streamlined shipping.

The new program will now provide users from the Los Angeles area with Shyp integration in which couriers will pick up sellers’ items, package and ship them to buyers. EBay is expanding the service after the partnership saw a successful usage rate of 53 percent in other test markets such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

“EBay is constantly innovating through new tools, services and technologies, like its partnership with Shyp, to define the best and most rewarding online selling experience,” said Vincent Payen, head of consumer selling at eBay North America. “Exposing items to over 160 million buyers and selling across the country, or even overseas, means higher price realization and quicker sales but it also creates some complexity as items need to be packed and shipped.

“Building on the success from initial pilots in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, eBay and Shyp are expanding to the Los Angeles market to further help sellers from coast to coast get organized just in time for Spring cleaning,” he said. “The expansion of our integration, which has been incredibly well received by customers thus far, transforms the eBay selling and shipping experience and truly makes selling globally as simple as selling locally.”

Selling with Shyp
One of the more frustrating aspects known to turn consumers off to selling items on eBay is the aggravation of shipping. To entice more sellers, eBay is employing Shyp to make the process easier.

Sellers in Los Angeles can now download the Shyp app and integrate their eBay account. Once a sale has been made, Shyp couriers will arrive to collect items within 20 minutes.

The service will ship up to 20 packages at one time and professionally wrap and ship out items. Shyp will be offering free services for eBay sellers until June 30 in an attempt to onboard more users.

Shyp also works to find the cheapest shipping service to use such as USPS, UPS or FedEx. Therefore, the service not only makes selling items much more convenient, it will also be making sure customers will be getting the cheapest price.

Ebay mobile efforts
Another big move for eBay is its Close5 classified mobile app, which continued to gain traction, with nearly 3 million downloads in the United States as of the end of the third quarter, a ten-times increase from the previous quarter (see more).

EBay also released a redesign of its mobile app, optimizing the experience to make it easier for buyers to purchase and vendors to sell, coinciding with the company’s recent attempts to make a comeback (see more).

These efforts are all part of eBay’s efforts to get back on top of the peer-to-peer selling industry.

“Shyp’s services allow us to provide our sellers, new ones, occasional or even small business owners and entrepreneurs, with a tailored experiences that allows them to leverage the power of the eBay marketplace while reducing the time and effort needed to sell,” Mr. Payen said. “Sellers can connect their eBay account in the Shyp app to see an itemized feed of their recently sold items.

“They can then select up to 20 items they would like to ship, request a pickup, and within 20 minutes a Shyp courier will arrive at their door to take care of the rest,” he said. “Through June 30th, Shyp’s pickup and packaging fees, usually $5, will be waived for eBay sellers so they can enjoy at-home item pickups and expert packaging free of charge.

“Selling globally has never been easier and more rewarding and we are thrilled to be teaming up with Shyp to offer this service to more and more eBay sellers.”