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EBay looks to regain upper hand in digital marketplaces with app redesign

The peer-to-peer selling platform just launched its new update to better accommodate users, which in turn will increase sales for eBay. The app is offering tips to sellers to increase their individual sales, up to the minute activity updates and is also introducing more streamlined and personal navigating, bidding and search.

“Today’s announcement of eBay 4.0 is the beginning of the next chapter for eBay Mobile,” said RJ Pittman, chief product officer at eBay. “The new apps underscore our commitment to mobile commerce and offer a more customized, personalized and simplified experience for our customers to browse, shop and sell.

“Our mobile apps are very important at eBay as more shoppers are coming to us on many screens, in fact, 53 percent of our GMV involves a mobile touch point,” he said.

Retailer climb
The retailer has lost some of its appeal and has developed various tactics to stay relevant in the eyes of consumers and on the good side of investors. The company is celebrating its 20 year anniversary, and is working hard to steady sales, putting a focus on mobile as it is cognizant of the significance of the platform.

Mobile has now become a stable in retail, especially with discount shopping, as consumers are continually researching and purchasing through their smartphone and tablet devices. EBay has relaunched its app to better suit the needs of its consumers, and is attempting to create an efficient tool in driving sales.

The app update offers a simpler way to search for products, top deals, events and promotions. As many other digital retailers are moving towards, eBay is sharing more relevant content to users based on individual information and user history such as browse and purchasing data.

In the past selling through digital platforms could be overwhelming and intimidating, but eBay has attempted to alleviate these issues through a more individualized selling experience with tools and tips that can better assist users. For instance, the retailer introduced a new dashboard in which regular sellers can receive account notifications at a glance.

The new homepage is designed to offer a seamless experience for users with relevant information. Upon launch, eBay app users can three personalized channels such as Activity, Shop and Sell.

EBay launched a beta version of the app last month, and now all iOS and Android users are able to access the redesign.

EBay endeavors
The retailer recently separated from its payment service, PayPal and found a buyer for its enterprise division, and is turning its focus to trying to regain the role it once held as an mcommerce leader (see more).

EBay also recently acquired second-hand clothing application Twice to grow its eBay Valet service and mobile presence, gaining access to a new generation of sellers in an attempt to climb back up the retail ladder (see more).

“At eBay, we want to continue to simplify the shopping experience for our buyers and sellers,” Mr. Pittman said. “With eBay 4.0, the new app is not only simplified, but over time the app will learn from your interests and deliver a tailored shopping and selling experience based on activity.

“This app is an exciting new starting point from which we aim to drive big innovation across all devices at once,” he said.

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily