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Dover is first NASCAR track to offer mobile-driven in-seat ordering

Dover International Speedway has become the first NASCAR track to offering in-seat ordering via a mobile application so fans do not miss any of the action.

The launch of the DoverEats program took place during the NASCAR events scheduled for the weekend of October 3 at the Dover, DE, raceway.  By visiting the Web app on their smartphones, fans were able to place orders and have food and drinks delivered from Grotto’s Pizza.

“Mark Rossi, vice president of sales and marketing for Dover International Speedway, and his team really want to hit generation Z and Y fans are who are used to instant gratification and using their smart phones to communicate, so this is an opportunity to really blow out their live, in-race experience,” said Jordan Syms, co-founder and president of Tap.in2. “Tap.in2 helps Dover get more fans to races and provide the on-demand service they expect.

“Dover has great vision for the future and Tap.in2 is enabling them to provide the first in-seat delivery option for NASCAR fans,” he said.

Dover International Speedway partnered with Tap.in2, a leading in-venue app, on the strategy.

Mobile race fans
The Dover raceway decided to enable race fans a way to order food from the comfort of their seats as a way to enhance the race experience for younger fans who are used to instant gratification and rarely go anywhere without their phones. is a Web app that can be accessed via any Internet-connected device. Users visit the URL on their smartphones and order food or drinks from their seats, with delivery promised in less than six minutes.

The app works across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Dover International plans to expand the mobile ordering program into the 2016 racing season with enhanced offerings using Tap.in2.

In-seat ordering grows
As consumers get more comfortable using their phones for making purchases, in-seat ordering is growing.

Tap.in2 reports that a number of sports teams in the NBA, NFL and NHL will be offering in-seat ordering via its platform before the end of the year.

One of the first to partner with Tap.in2 was the Cleveland Cavaliers, which has seen a 25 percent adoption rate among fans since introducing the offering earlier this year. Those who used the app 1.5 times per game produced a $32 per capita spend for food and beverages.

The Cav Eats program was offered at more than 22 games, available to club and premiere seat holders throughout the playoffs, NBA Finals and regular season (see story).

Last November, American Express and the Brooklyn Nets teamed up to participate in a pilot program powered by Brooklyn eWallet that allowed consumers to use their mobile devices to purchase food and drinks from their seats at Barclays Center events (see story).

“We anticipate all major stadiums and arenas in the US to be equipped with Wi-Fi or distributed antenna systems (DAS) to facilitate in-venue cell phone use within the next 2 years,” Mr. Syms said. “Fans live mobile lifestyles and our sports and entertainment customers have been looking for a way to become more mobile while driving new revenue.”

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York